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Author: Carolynn Sarver

Carolynn has been with Spiroflow for nearly six years. Previously she led marketing initiatives at Fortune 500 companies & international tech firms in the US, Canada & Australia.

Spiroflow Systems Expands Robotic Automation & Engineering Teams

October 21, 2014

Spiroflow Systems, Inc. has announced key additions to their organization. Mr. Mark Langenfeld Mr. Mark Langenfeld has joined the company’s robotic automation team.  Mark has provided customers with cost effective, dedicated, and flexible automation solutions for over 25 years.  His areas of expertise include business development, sales, applications engineering, machine design, project management, and engineering along with managing his own successful robotic and machine vision company. He has completed more than 800 robotic and special machines installations in a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, chemical, consumer goods, electronics, glass, nutraceuticals, food, and medical.  Mark has extensive experience with [...]

Selecting Safe Powder Handling Equipment

August 20, 2014

Select Safe Powder Handling Equipment
Operator safety is a major consideration when selecting automated powder handling equipment. Manual packaging can be a laborious, repetitive and monotonous task, frequently carried out in a dusty, noisy, or otherwise unpleasant environment.  Workplace injuries under these conditions can be frequent - lifting, repetitive strain, breathing or respiratory problems, hearing loss and others.  Lost time at work, human error, high staff turnover, shift rotations and mandatory breaks are all a constant drain on productivity and efficiency. Installing an automated powder handling solution can address a number of potential safety issues and simultaneously improve productivity, the work environment, and employee morale. When [...]

Controlling Dust in Your Bulk Bag Filling Operation

August 5, 2014

Packaging any dry bulk solid material involves the transfer of product from the end of the process/storage/conveying system to the package.  At that transition point, depending on the material and other factors, dust emissions can occur.  How do you ensure that your bulk bag filling system doesn't emit dust and become a productivity and profit drain? Controlling dust in your packaging operation involves careful bulk bag design as well as expert bulk bag filling equipment design. Bulk Bag Design #1:  Unless a bulk bag has been specifically designed to contain the fines present in your product, particles can sift through [...]

Automated Bulk Bag Filling Streamlines Peanut Processing

July 22, 2014

Golden Grove founder Lee Swinson, a peanut farmer in Eastern North Carolina, sells his Carolina/Virginia-style peanuts to wholesalers around the world.  While some peanuts are made into candy and some are roasted, packaged and sold to retailers, the majority of the 10,000 ton harvest is left raw and sold in bulk.  The company’s raw in-shell peanuts are packed in 900 lb bulk bags and shipped to customers around the world.  As this wholesale business grew, Swinson saw opportunities to improve bulk bag filling efficiencies. Golden Grove employees were manually filling 20 bulk bags per day.  Three filling stations each contained [...]

Batching System for Multiple Product Formulas

July 10, 2014

How do I choose a batching system that will handle multiple product formulas? When choosing a batching system to handle multiple product formulas it is critical to choose a supplier that not only has all the hardware to physically handle the bulk and minor ingredients in an efficient and reliable manner but also one that can successfully design, build and install the electronic controls and recipe driven software to customer expectations. Control Equipment is required to measure the quantity of material delivered ('Batch Control') and control the delivery system.  Selection of the batch control device is normally part of the [...]

Why Consider Aero Mechanical Conveyors

May 20, 2014

Aero mechanical conveyors are one of the most efficient methods of conveying materials for their dust-free and clean handling properties.  This type of conveyor is designed and custom-built for the product to be conveyed and ideal for a variety of applications in many industries. HOW THEY WORK:  Aero mechanical conveyors have a tubular design where a wire rope assembly with evenly spaced polyurethane discs move at high speed.  The rope assembly runs in specially designed sprockets at each end of the conveyor. The rope and disks travel in a continuous loop at high speed within parallel steel tubes.  There are enclosed [...]

Powder Handling Solutions at the Powder Show

May 8, 2014

Industry leader, Spiroflow Systems, exhibited products from its complete line of powder handling solutions at the INTERNATIONAL POWDER & BULK SOLIDS Exhibition in Rosemont, IL, May 6-8, 2014.  A constant stream of visitors kept the Spiroflow team busy for the duration of the three day event. Spiroflow's CTE Bulk Bag Filler received significant attention for its patented cone table densification and high speed bag filling capabilities.  The T5 Bulk Bag Unloader was on exhibit - one of several unloaders the company offers.  The Cableflow tubular cable drag conveyor was running whole bean roasted coffee to demonstrate gentle product handling.  Spiroflow unveiled [...]

Test Center Paves Way for New Powder Handling Solutions

May 2, 2014

The Spiroflow Systems test center gives customers the utmost confidence in the company's powder handling solutions.  It is an enclosed area within the company’s production facility where multiple product material tests are performed each week.  Each test is set up for specific customer requirements with the customer’s actual material, using various types of equipment. The test center contains a complete compliment of material handling and conveying equipment that includes Bulk Bag Fillers, Bulk Bag Unloaders, Flexible Screw, Cableflow® Tubular Cable Drag, Dynaflow® Chain Drag, Aero Mechanical Conveyors as well as a variety of auxiliary equipment. The test center allows the company [...]

Training – Critical to Bulk Bag Unloading Success

April 11, 2014

Training is one of the most overlooked keys to bulk bag unloading success.  Properly trained operators facilitate a safer, cleaner and more productive bulk bag unloading operation. Key Bulk Bag Unloading Tasks That Require Specific Operator Training Placing the Bulk Bag in the Bulk Bag Unloader:  In most cases this is a simple task requiring only the attachment of the bulk bag lifting loops to the lifting frame used to place the bag in the bulk bag unloader.  However, when certain types of liners are involved the operator must know how to safely use the bulk bag unloader's liner tensioner [...]

Handling Hazardous Ingredients in Bulk Bags

April 9, 2014

Increasingly, bulk bags are used to ship 'hazardous' dry bulk solid materials.  This post investigates what you need to know when handling hazardous ingredients. First, let's determine what ‘hazardous means.’  The United Nations defines hazardous goods as follows:  "Definition of 'dangerous goods' covers articles or materials capable of posing significant risk to people, health, property, or environment when transported in quantity." That's a broad definition but for the purpose of this discussion we'll focus on three potential hazards that can arise during bulk bag handling: Static Discharge:  Bulk solids that within a bulk bag may generate enough static charge to [...]