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Author: Carolynn Sarver

Carolynn has been with Spiroflow Systems, Inc. for nearly six years. Previously she led marketing initiatives at Fortune 500 companies & international tech firms in the US, Canada & Australia.

‘Spiroflow’ Bulk Bag Discharger – Tea time, T6 to be precise!

June 1, 2008

When it comes to tea, Tetley is the UK’s favourite cup of! Their entire range of teas are blended and packed at their impressive factory at Eaglescliffe, Teesside in the North East of the country, using leaf material originating from places as far apart as Indonesia, India and Kenya. Much of the tea at Eaglescliffe is prepared in a blending system supplied by Spiroflow back in 2004.  Their current output is running at 50 million tea bags per week! So, in early 2006, when it was decided to improve the efficiency of their Decaffeinated Tea handling, by taking delivery of […]

A ‘Spiroflow’ Bulk Bag Discharger puts on a good face for Innospec Ltd – a subsidiary of Innospec Inc

May 19, 2008

In June 2007 UK based Innospec Ltd, a subsidiary of Innospec Inc, started operations on the first new-build plant on their Ellesmere Port site since 1996. Their ‘show-case’ plant, which manufactures products for personal care applications, includes a ‘Spiroflow’ Big Bag Discharger with integral Flexible Screw Conveyor as the means of charging the process reactor. The main ingredient of the product is delivered to site in big bags (FIBC’s). For each batch, the contents of several big bags are charged into the process reactor together with a catalyst from 25kg bags added manually through the Discharger’s access doors. Charging the […]

‘Spiroflow’ Flexible Screw Conveyors – BALly good job!

April 9, 2008

Back in 2004, Building Adhesives Ltd, manufacturers of ‘BAL’ and ‘Dunlop’ construction adhesives, chose 2 ‘Spiroflow’ Flexible Screw Conveyors as part of a new production line. This new line, which generally meets current production targets through single shift working, was designed and installed to replace 3 aging production lines that all had to work through a double shift to keep up with demand. The 2 conveyors deliver minor additives from sack tip stations to weigh hoppers above a mixing station. Each conveyor is fed from 25kg bags that are slit open on a grill above a buffer hopper. Several sacks […]

‘Spiroflow’ Big Bag Discharger – a gem of a job!

February 2, 2008

Dublin, Ireland based Gem Pack Foods are well pleased with the performance of the ‘Spiroflow’ Big Bag (FIBC) Discharger supplied to them through our Irish representative Powder Process Systems. Their ‘Fawema’ packing machine has 2 feed points, one requires product be delivered at a metered feed rate and the other has it’s own auger to regulate the flow from a mass transfer system. Only one feed point can be in operation at any time. Either way, product feed to the packing head must have a consistent flowability and has to be de-aerated within specified tolerances. To deliver the products to […]

‘Spiroflow’ Big Bag Dischargers – smashing!

January 10, 2008

We are delighted that brand leader Premier Foods have recently purchased 2 of our Big Bag Dischargers and 4 of our Flexible Screw Conveyors to deliver processed product to packing lines at their Histon site. The product in question is SMASH Instant Mashed Potato. As Premier Foods’ 1970’s ‘Martians’ advertisement has been voted the best TV ad of all time, SMASH ranks among the UK’s best known consumer brands. Premier Foods operate 7 production sites in the UK and employ over 3,000 people. Their Histon site has been in existence for over 100 years with a complement of around 350 […]

‘Spiroflow’ Big Bag Discharger – made for the job!

December 2, 2007

The managers and operatives at Colin Stewart Minchem’s Winsford, Cheshire site are pleased with the performance of their ‘Spiroflow’ Big Bag Discharger even though it is not being used for the job it was originally bought! Colin Stewart Minchem Ltd are soon to change their name to AMCOL Minerals Europe to better reflect their business activities. They are part of the AMCOL International Corporation; which, through its operating subsidiaries, is a leading international producer and marketer of value-added, specialty minerals and related products. The Company’s products serve 12 major markets, including detergents, personal care, speciality minerals, pet products, building materials, […]

Aero-Mechanical Conveyor from Spiroflow assures a dependable and consistent flow of acrylic powder to improve quality

November 12, 2007

A ‘Spiroflow’ Aero-Mechanical Conveyor, supplied by our sister company Spiroflow Systems Inc., has been instrumental in assuring a consistent flow of soft acrylic powder into a large cylindrical mixing vessel without lumps or sticking in the production of Fluorex™ thermoplastic paint at Soliant LLC in Lancaster, South Carolina, USA. Fluorex™ is an alternative to traditional paint and plating systems and is more durable, cost effective and environmentally friendly. With a current production palette of over 140 different colours, Soliant thermoplastic decorative film and coating is used by a variety of industries from automotive to marine, architectural, signage, appliance, electronics, telecom […]

Spiroflow – the environmentally friendly choice!

October 21, 2007

We live in a world 4.6 billion years old with a known life span of a further 5 billion years. However its current inhabitants are threatened by the exhaustion of energy reserves and pollution. That’s the bad news, but the good news is that man’s instinct for survival is pushing the sciences associated with alternative energy and waste management forward at an exciting and encouraging rate. We at Spiroflow are pleased to be playing a part in all this by way of supplying equipment and systems to the companies at the forefront of such technologies! The ‘Spiroflow’ Big Bag Discharger […]

Spiroflow – The road to success!

October 8, 2007

Nynas Bitumen UK, part of the Swedish AB Nynas Petroleum company, is very pleased with the performance of the ‘Spiroflow’ Aero-Mechanical Conveyors and the Big Bag Dischargers that handle the dry ingredients at its Ellesmere Port, UK bitumen plant. Nynas manufactures the ‘high-tech’, speciality bitumen so important for the safe and long lasting road surfaces on which we all rely today. The Spiroflow ingredients handling system comprises: 4 Aero-Mechanical Conveyors, 2 Big Bag Dischargers and 2 sack-tip stations plus associated electric controls. The Aero-Mechanical Conveyors range in length from 7 metres to 22 metres and are operating in a variety […]

Weigh, weigh the best – time and time again!

September 3, 2007

We are delighted to report that one of the ‘Spiroflow’ Flexible Spiral Conveyors with which our name is synonymous is performing ‘brilliantly’ for boiled sweet manufacturer Joseph Dobson & Sons Ltd. In the application at Dobson’s, the conveyor is operating as a reliable, accurate and highly repeatable volumetric feeder. It is delivering sugar from a sack tip hopper to a steam pan some 3 metres away. It is in this steam pan, a pressure vessel mounted on load cells, that the base ingredients of sugar, glucose and water are weighed, mixed and pre-heated before being transferred to traditional open pans […]