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Category: News

Test Center Paves Way for New Powder Handling Solutions

May 2, 2014

The Spiroflow Systems test center gives customers the utmost confidence in the company's powder handling solutions.  It is an enclosed area within the company’s production facility where multiple product material tests are performed each week.  Each test is set up for specific customer requirements with the customer’s actual material, using various types of equipment. The test center contains a complete compliment of material handling and conveying equipment that includes Bulk Bag Fillers, Bulk Bag Unloaders, Flexible Screw, Cableflow® Tubular Cable Drag, Dynaflow® Chain Drag, Aero Mechanical Conveyors as well as a variety of auxiliary equipment. The test center allows the company [...]

Training – Critical to Bulk Bag Unloading Success

April 11, 2014

Training is one of the most overlooked keys to bulk bag unloading success.  Properly trained operators facilitate a safer, cleaner and more productive bulk bag unloading operation. Key Bulk Bag Unloading Tasks That Require Specific Operator Training Placing the Bulk Bag in the Bulk Bag Unloader:  In most cases this is a simple task requiring only the attachment of the bulk bag lifting loops to the lifting frame used to place the bag in the bulk bag unloader.  However, when certain types of liners are involved the operator must know how to safely use the bulk bag unloader's liner tensioner [...]

Handling Hazardous Ingredients in Bulk Bags

April 9, 2014

Increasingly, bulk bags are used to ship 'hazardous' dry bulk solid materials.  This post investigates what you need to know when handling hazardous ingredients. First, let's determine what ‘hazardous means.’  The United Nations defines hazardous goods as follows:  "Definition of 'dangerous goods' covers articles or materials capable of posing significant risk to people, health, property, or environment when transported in quantity." That's a broad definition but for the purpose of this discussion we'll focus on three potential hazards that can arise during bulk bag handling: Static Discharge:  Bulk solids that within a bulk bag may generate enough static charge to [...]

Solving Bulk Bag Unloader Dusting Problems

April 2, 2014

Solve bulk bag dusting problems
The most common problem with unloading bulk bags is dusting.  Frequently, bulk bag unloader operations are a dusty mess.  At best, this results in a housekeeping problem.  Product loss and quality control issues can arise and the worst case is a safety issue when dealing with ingredients that pose a health or explosion risk. FINANCIAL IMPACT OF BULK BAG DUSTING Ingredient Yield:  Every particle of ingredient that escapes the bulk bag unloading process and ends up on the floor reduces ingredient yield and increases cost.  Thinking of dusting at the particle level implies little financial impact.  The following example identifies [...]

Cement Powder Handling Problem Solved

March 25, 2014

Spiroflow Systems, a respected leader in the powder handling and conveying industries, is known for its innovative and effective design solutions.  The company recently worked with Access Security Products Ltd. to resolve a powder handling problem with a proprietary cement mixture used in their manufacturing process.  Access Security Products Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of burglary and fire resistant safes, vaults and physical security equipment.  The company uses an expensive proprietary cement mixture in the walls of their safes and vaults rendering them almost impenetrable to thieves and fire.  This castable material has an extremely high compressive strength and [...]

Material Handling Leader Exhibiting at Powder Show

March 13, 2014

Industry leader, Spiroflow Systems, will be exhibiting products from its complete line of material handling and automation solutions at the INTERNATIONAL POWDER & BULK SOLIDS Exhibition in Rosemont, IL, May 6-8, 2014.  Visitors can visit the company in booth #1721 to preview several models of their various material handling and automation systems. Products and Services on display include: Spiroflow Automation Solutions offers automation project services and solutions which include project development, control system design, industrial automation integration, control system migration, HMI design, procurement, start up and long term support across a wide variety of industries.  The company’s total solutions offerings [...]

New Company Offers Complete Automation Solutions

February 27, 2014

Spiroflow Systems, Inc. announces the launch of a new business that provides a broad range of automation solutions.  Spiroflow Automation Solutions, Inc. offers automation project services and solutions which include project development, control system design, industrial automation integration, control system migration, HMI design, procurement, start up and long term support across a wide variety of industries.  The company’s total solutions offerings include process control, robotics, scales, conveyors, Spiroflow material handling equipment and more. Spiroflow Systems, Inc. CEO, Jeffrey Dudas, said:  ‘With Spiroflow’s 40 years of control system expertise, the launch of this new business is a natural and logical extension of [...]

Spiroflow Hosts Best In Class Field Training

February 21, 2014

Spiroflow Systems hosted an advanced training program for Field Representatives this week.  More than 50 people from across North and South America joined us at our headquarters in Monroe, NC.  The program included detailed technical training on our complete line of mechanical conveying, bulk bag filling, bulk bag unloading, automatic bagging, robotic palletizing and automation solutions. Along with class time  there was a tour of Spiroflow Systems' new 109,000 sq. ft. smoke free manufacturing facility including corporate offices, engineering, controls lab, production, welding area, paint room, test lab, warehouse, shipping, receiving and in-house training facility. Participants spent ample time in [...]

Powder Handling Solution Nicely Handles Cement Powder

February 10, 2014

Discharge bulk bags inside the warehouse, with product conveyed outside through the roof. A maker of burglary and fire resistant safes, vaults and security equipment since 1992, Oakville, Ontario-based Access Security Products uses the best technology and unrivaled quality in distribution of its solutions throughout North America and beyond, with clients that include government agencies, financial institutions and security-equipment dealers. For example, a proprietary cement mixture found in the walls of the company’s safes and vaults renders them almost impenetrable to both thieves and fire.  This castable material has extremely high compressive strength for maximum burglary resistance. In the production [...]

Selecting A Mechanical Conveyor

January 23, 2014

Mechanical Conveyor Choices: Everything to Consider Before You Buy
Selecting a mechanical conveyor for material handling solutions will depend on the specific requirements of the end user.  Points to consider are safety, energy consumption, prevention of contamination, dust containment and minimal degrading of the product.  The budget and return on investment will determine the level of sophistication and the suitability of a particular conveyor to meet the application. During the conveyor selection process a specification must be prepared to define the constraints the conveyor must achieve whatever the industry.   This should include characteristics of the ingredients being handled, conveying capacity, materials of construction, dimensional constraints (layout) and any hazards [...]