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Best Drag Chain Conveyor Manufacturers (Reviews/Ratings)

Posted on 14th November 2016 by

Drag Chain Conveyor Manufacturers Reviewed

A drag chain conveyor is an important conveying method for processors in many different industries. In previous posts, we discussed finding the right conveyor for your needs. This post is about the manufacturers that supply tubular drag chain conveyors.

Who is your biggest competition? That’s a question we get quite often from customers looking for the best tubular drag chain conveyor. We obviously believe in and stand by our products. In fact, we are so proud of what we do that we don’t mind talking about competing manufacturers.

Drag Chain Conveyor: Defining The Equipment

I want to take a second to define what type of drag chain conveyor I’m talking about. For this article, we’ll only discuss non-structural conveyors with chain and disc assemblies that are conveyed through a tube, not a pipe. We talk about structural drag chain conveyors in a different post.

Drag Chain Conveyor: Global Manufacturers


Hapman is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States with other locations in Poland, China, Brazil, and India. We find that most of their installations are in the United States and Europe. They focus on quality and a comprehensive approach to material handling challenges. Hapman is owned by KMG Global.

Drag Chain Conveyor: North American Based Suppliers


This Canadian based manufacturer has been around for decades. The company works in the manufacturing, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. They offer complete systems to meet customer needs.

Modern Process Equipment

Modern Process Equipment, MPE, calls their tubular drag conveyor the Chain-Vey. The company is based in Chicago, Illinois, United States. They have other offices in Europe and Asia. They have a reputation for designing, manufacturing, and offering quality products and services.

Drag Chain Conveyor: European Based Manufacturers


Schrage has been around for more than 20 years and is headquartered in Friedeburg, Germany. Just like the other manufacturers in this article, Schrage is committed to helping processors convey materials from point A to point B. The company’s philosophy is to deliver the best solution for their clients.

Here’s What We Can Offer You

At Spiroflow, we believe in our company and our products. We know from experience that they stand up to those of our respected competitors. That’s why we feel comfortable mentioning them. So if you need some help or advice just contact us! We invite you to use one of our test labs and see our drag chain conveyor in action – running with YOUR product and replicating YOUR application. We can also give you a free consultation on your conveying application.

We don’t just manufacture drag conveyors. Click here to see our entire line of products. We also offer control systems integration services. For more information on that, click here.

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