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Spiroflow Systems Bulk Bag Fillers Part of Ostara Nutrient Recovery System

Posted on 25th September 2011 by

In a recent Treatment Plant Operator Magazine article, Spiroflow’s Bulk Bag Filler solution for Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technology was mentioned.

Vancouver based Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies has developed a new generation of wastewater treatment systems – a nutrient recovery solution that creates value from waste by recovering nutrients from wastewater and transforming them into revenue-generating, environmentally friendly commercial fertilizer. By recovering phosphorus and other essential nutrients, Ostara improves the financial and operational efficiency, and the environmental sustainability, of wastewater treatment facilities.

Ostara needed a reliable bulk bag filling system for the premium, slow release fertilizer – marketed under the brand name Crystal Green® – created from their nutrient recovery systems. They also needed a partner that could reliably supply new bulk bag filling systems to each new wastewater treatment facility installing commercial nutrient recovery systems using their technology.

Clean Water Services is a water resources management utility located in Oregon recognized for their innovation and forward-thinking. Their Durham Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility in Tigard, Oregon was the first facility in the United States to install a commercial nutrient recovery facility using Ostara’s technology – a $2.5 million nutrient recovery system with three reactor vessels was constructed in June 2009. The system has the capacity to produce 500 tons of Crystal Green per year, and will soon have produced one million pounds of this premium, slow release fertilizer, sold across North America. This innovation not only helps the treatment facility meet environmental regulations, but saves energy and maintenance costs, increases capacity at the treatment facility, provides a reliable revenue stream and is expected to pay for itself in five years.

In addition to the installation at Clean Water Services in Oregon, Spiroflow has designed and installed bulk bag fillers into Ostara’s other Nutrient Recovery Facilities located in York, Pennsylvania and at Hampton Roads Sanitation District facility in Suffolk,Virginia.

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Carolynn Sarver

Director of Marketing
Carolynn has been with Spiroflow for nearly six years. Previously she led marketing initiatives at Fortune 500 companies & international tech firms in the US, Canada & Australia.