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Within our case studies section, you will find a range of case studies that feature our product range and illustrate the various methods we use to successfully handle and move a vast array of ingredients. You can search case studies either by product, by industry or by material.

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Case Study 1008 - Spiroflow Conveys Ingredients for Chocolate Product Manufacturer

Thomas Tunnock needed a way to load 3 different ingredients from 3 separate points into their chocolate conche. Spiroflow supplied a flexible screw conveyor tailored to meet Tunnock’s specific requirements. It included a ‘proscrew’ spiral designed to handle materials, such as chocolate, which have a tendency to smear.

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Case Study 1011 - Spiroflow Discharges Sugar for Dairy

A dairy company producing an anhydrous milk fat blend with sugar for ice cream, chocolate & other confectionery wanted to unload sugar from bulk bags and transfer it to two blenders. Spiroflow supplied a bulk bag unloader with two flexible screw conveyors leading from the outlet to each of two blenders.

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Case Study 1020 - Mobile Bulk Bag Unloading & Conveying Sugar

Solutech needed to load batches of sugar from bulk bags into a series of liquor tanks. Spiroflow mounted a bulk bag unloader on a wheeled frame complete with an integral flexible screw conveyor. The conveyor outlet is fitted with a fan to prevent the ingress of moisture.

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Case Study 1007 - Spiroflow Flexible Screw Conveyor Improves Process for Confectionery Manufacturer

At Joseph Dobson, sugar was manually weighed in to buckets, lifted shoulder high and tipped into the steam pan. This operation needed to be eliminated for issues of hygiene, safety & labor savings. A Spiroflow flexible screw conveyor now delivers batches of sugar efficiently, hygienically, safely & very accurately.

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Case Study 1005 - Spiroflow Bulk Bag Unloader Delivers Sugar, Rice & Corn Flour to Packaging Machine

Choosing key ingredients delivered in bulk bags, Gem Pack Foods had to discharge several products and deliver each to the appropriate feed points of their packing machine. Spiroflow’s solution was a bulk bag unloader with a flexible screw conveyor and a vacuum conveyor. Each conveying system is mobile making change-over quick and easy.

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Case Study 1013 - Spiroflow Conveys Sugar for Pickled Herring Manufacturer

When looking to upgrade and expand their ingredients handling system, Orkney Herring Company sought a conveyor to transfer bags of sugar into the holding hopper that feeds the mixer where various sauces and marinades are produced. We supplied a Spiroflow Aero Mechanical Conveyor, which does the job admirably.

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Case Study 1017 - Bitters Producer Turns to Spiroflow to Ramp Up Production

This Ghana based producer of bitters needed to increase production by a factor of ten. They turned to Spiroflow who recommended an 'round the corner' Aero Mechanical Conveyor and a bag dump station. The AMC handles the significantly increased need to convey sugar both vertically and horizontally without loss of efficiency.

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