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Aero Mechanical Conveyors

Technical Details: Applications

Designed for a variety of applications

Consistent performance and operational reliability have endeared our aero mechanical conveyors to a wide audience of industries. From the seemingly simple task of transferring food ingredients to the abrasive and corrosive nature of conveying chemical industry products, Spiroflow aero mechanical conveyors are well-equipped to handle many kinds of products with ease.

Aero mechanical conveyors effectively handle titanium dioxide.

Titanium Dioxide

Aero mechanical conveyor designed for handling titanium dioxide - one of the few effective methods of handling this type of product.

Aero mechanical conveyors move material vertically.

Feeding Additives

Inclined and horizontal aero mechanical conveyors feeding additives to either of 2 tanks.

Aero mechanical conveyors elevate material.

Elevating Material

Aero mechanical conveyor elevating material from a transition hopper fed by two bulk bag dischargers via flexible screw conveyors.

Aero mechanical conveyors are easily configured around corners.

Around Corners

'Around the corner' aero mechanical conveyor feeding chemicals to a mixing vessel.

Aero mechanical conveyors are easily configured to provide multiple inlets.

Multiple Inlets

Accuracy, hygiene, and consistent feeding are prime requirements in the pharmaceutical field.

Mobile aero mechanical conveyors are common.

Mobile Conveyor

Mobile aero mechanical conveyors are used extensively both in and out of factory environments.

Aero mechanical conveyors effectively handle many mineral and ceramic materials.

Tanker Loading

No bulk handling tasks are more arduous than in mineral and ceramic applications. Spiroflow equipment is robustly built to meet the most exacting demands.