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Bin, Bag/Sack & Drum Emptiers

Technical Details: The Basics

Also known as Bag Dump Stations, Bag Dump Hoppers, Sack Tip Stations, Bag Tip Stations, Sack Unloaders,and Bag Unloaders 

Dust problems caused by emptying bags of fine, aerated or volatile powders are eliminated with the Spiroflow DBE product line.  This ensures that a healthy environment is maintained in the process area as well as reducing maintenance and repair problems caused by powder contamination to surrounding machinery.

Simple bag dump station with dust curtain

This is a simple bag dump station ready to connect to a flexible screw conveyor.  The type and size of the conveyor is determined by the flow rate, conveying distance and flow properties of the product.

Bag dump station with hinged door, bag support grate, cabinet, dust extraction, and vibration.

This bag dump station has a cabinet with a hinged door, bag support grate, dust extraction and a paddle type agitator fitted at the base of the hopper.  A side mounted empty bag compactor can be added.

Bag dump hopper with dust hood and connection to plant dust extraction system

This is a basic bag dump hopper with dust hood and spigot for connection to a plant dust extraction system.

This mobile bag dump station has an integral bag dump station and flexible screw conveyor.

This is a mobile bag dump station with integral dust hood and flexible screw conveyor.

Dust-free Drum Tipping & Conveying System

  • Robust bag support mesh shelf
  • Empty bag compaction auger with safety cage
  • Vacuum bag lifter
  • Hinged door or strip curtain
  • Safety knife for bag slitting
  • Mobile frame
  • Integral conveyor (flexible screw, aero mechanical or vacuum conveyor)

Rigid Bin Emptiers

  • Integral filter cartridges
  • Top mounted filter unit
  • Hepa filter unit
  • Dust Port for connection to plant dust extraction system

Dust-free Drum Tipping & Conveying System

Dust-free drum dumping/drum tipping

The system is designed for handling drums of toxic, volatile or dusty materials.  The lid of the drum is removed and replaced with a special cone adaptor which incorporates a valve.  The drum is then elevated, inverted and locked into a receiving hopper forming a dust-tight seal.  The valve is opened allowing the drum contents to empty into the feed hopper and integral conveyor.

Spiroflow provides solutions to unload rigid bins, plastic IBCs, octabins and more.

Rigid Bin Emptiers

Spiroflow designs vibrating discharge frames for all kinds of rigid metal and plastic IBCs and octabins to ensure complete emptying of product into the integral conveyor.  Systems are fully sealed, dust-free and allow discharge of bins by volume or by weight.