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Bulk Bag Fillers

Technical Details: The Basics

Also known as Bulk Bag Loaders, Big Bag Fillers, Big Bag Loaders, FIBC Fillers, FIBC Loaders, Super Sack Fillers, or and Super Sack Loaders

Designed for Versatility. Built for Adaptability.

With the ever growing number of bulk bag users, bulk bags are now considered an accepted form of packaging, storage, and transport. Our range of Spirofil bulk bag filling equipment makes filling bulk bags safer, easier, controllable, contained and cost effective.

Continuous development of our weighing and filling stations gives processors the choice of standard equipment or customized to suit access, height or hazardous considerations. Our bulk bag filling stations are also more versatile than many on the market - they can be adapted for use with rigid IBCs, drums, or Octabins.

Wide Range of Applications

Spirofil bulk bag fillers offer the widest range of applications and are used extensively across an equally wide range of industries including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, building, and construction.


Many standard operating features are included in our bulk bag weigh fillers, enabling the processor to begin immediate production without the need for extra equipment. In addition to the many built-in features, a full range of options is provided, allowing many other operations to be performed from the same machine.





Super Sack is a registered trademark of B.A.G. Corp.

This semi-automated filling systems fills bulk bags and gaylords.

Filling almonds in bulk bags & boxes in an almond processing plant

This is the automatic bag loop release on Spiroflow bulk bag fillers.

Automatic bag loop release

Filled bulk bags can be removed by pallet.

Handling by pallet

This is one of many Spiroflow semi-automated bulk bag filling systems currently in use.

Semi-automated bulk bag filling system

Full bulk bags can be removed by the bag loops.

Handling by loops

This is a low profile bulk bag filler.

Low profile bulk bag filler