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Bulk Bag Fillers

Technical Details: Your Requirements

Determining your requirements

Before selecting a particular weigh filler, some key factors need to be considered. This not only helps to assess a customer's own particular needs but also assists our design engineers in determining the optimum system for those needs.

Bulk bags can be handled by loop or by pallet.
Q. How do we handle the bulk bag?

A. By pallet or by the bag loops.

What style and size of bulk bag is used?
Q. What bag style and size do we use?

A. At this stage, you should consult both the bag manufacturer and Spiroflow. The bag needs to optimize all its volume for safe storage and transport.

An inflatable neck seal effectively contains dust during the bulk bag filling process.
Q. How do we contain dust?

A. An inflatable neck seal effectively contains the dust during filling. All our filling heads have an inner and outer annulus, for product flow and dust evacuation respectively.

An automated bulk bag filling system offers many advantages.
Q. Can the filling system be automated?

A. If filling by volume, options such as pallet dispensers, automatic bag loop release, bag take-off and accumulation conveyors should be considered, and can be added at a future date to standard Spiroflow equipment.

Dissipate static.
Q. Will the equipment need to be grounded?

A. If the area poses an explosion risk, static dissipative or groundable bags may be recommended, together with a suitable static monitoring device.

Do you utilize bag liners?
Q. Do we need a bag liner?

A. If the product is very fine, you probably will, to prevent leakage or moisture ingress. However, various alternatives can be used such as coated bags or special bag seams. The liner must be inflated correctly to avoid creasing and subsequent discharge problems.

Do you need vibration to deaerate your material?
Q. Does the product need vibration?

A. Usually, yes. Vibration at the base of the unit deaerates and compacts the product to optimize the bag volume and form a safe and stable load. A spinner head can also be used to disperse product into 'baffle' or compartmentalized bags.

Do you need automatic loop release and height adjustment?
Q. Is automatic loop release and height adjustment available?

A. Yes, automatic loop release of filled bags is a useful labor-saving option for pallet loaded bags. Powered height adjustment is also recommended if different sized bulk bags are being filled in order to speed up the filling process.

Do you also need to fill gaylords, rigid bins, octabins or drums?
Q. Can the equipment be adapted to fill other containers?

A. Yes. Spiroflow supplies a range of options for filling rigid bins, drums, and boxes/octabins.