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Bulk Bag Fillers

Technical Details: LC Series Features


The heavy duty Spirofil LC Series bulk bag fillers are designed for users who need a heavy duty filling rig that enables the bag to be easily removed by the loops - such as cement and mineral plants.

Rise and fall loop support arms with fork lift channels accommodate various bag sizes, and allow the quick and easy removal of the bags by the loops. Options listed for our C Series bulk bag filler are also available for our LC Series fillers.

Standard Spirofil Features

Spirofil LC Series bulk bag fillers have many standard features.


The Spirofil LC series is robustly built for heavy duty operation and dust-free filling.  Depending on the material in-feed rate and bag size, the LC Series can fill up to 20 bags per hour.  Product filling can be enhanced with a spinner below the filling head and deaeration is provided by vibration through the base of the filler.  A mechanism raises the bag support arms as the bag is lifted by its loops to ensure adequate clearance underneath and safe, efficient removal.

Filled bulk bags are easily removed by the bag loops.

Spirofil LC bulk bag fillers are designed for heavy duty operation and dust-free bulk bag filling.

  • A wide range of bag sizes can be used for filling a variety of products
  • Full management data on weight controller, plus printer
  • Rigid bin or drum filling attachment
  • Access platform
  • Hazard area specification
  • Full range of filling valves
Spirofil C Series Technical Data
Height 102-134" (259-340 cm)
Width 47" (120 cm)
Depth 59" (150 cm)
Fill rate (depending on Bulk Bag size, feed method, and operator availability) Up to 20 Bulk Bags/hour
Air requirements (inflatable neck seal and Bulk Bag inflator) NB: Valve requirements are not included 80 psi (5.5 bar) @ 30 ft³ (0.85m³) per cycle