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Bulk Bag Fillers

Technical Details: Special Applications


The heavy duty Spirofil LC Series fillers are designed for users who need a heavy duty filling rig that enables the bag to be easily removed by the loops - such as cement and mineral plants.

Rise and fall loop support arms with fork lift channels accommodate various bag sizes, and allow the quick and easy removal of the bags by the loops. Options apply as with the standard C Series machines.

Standard Spirofil Features

Bulk bags are easily removed from low loading bulk bag fillers with a pallet jack.

Spiroflow's low loader means bulk bags can be removed without a forklift.  The low loading ramp and low profile pallet base make unloading filled bulk bags simple with a pallet jack.

Bulk Bags and/or Bags

Equipment can be supplied to fill 50 lb bags and bulk bags.

Filling system for bulk bags and 50 lb bags.

Bulk Bags, IBCs or Drums

Processors need to respond quickly to customer demand and be able to supply product in other kinds of containers such as rigid IBCs, drums, octabins and other IBCs. With the addition of special adaptors, this can be achieved using the same filling platform, providing a versatile, multi-purpose machine.

This semi-automated system fills bulk bags (shown) and gaylords.

The filling system for a well well-known producer provides the flexibility to fill both bulk bags & boxes/octabins.

This bulk bag filler becomes a gaylord filler with a box cover attachment.

The bulk bag filler in this filling system for a well known nut producer utilizes a box cover when filling gaylords to prevent product contamination.

This telescoping fill nozzle allows bulk bag filling with product from a silo on the floor above.

A special telescoping fill nozzle, extending from the floor above, delivers one of several nut products to fill bulk bags or gaylords.

No Job Is Too Big

This large bulk bag filler project produced 27,000 filled bags in only 14 weeks.

36,000 tons in 27,000 bulk bags in Alaska, all in only14 weeks!  Two Spirofil bulk bag fillers were delivered and operational in 6 weeks.

Simple Frames

This simple support frame volumetric bulk bag filler is designed for free flowing materials.

For volumetric filling of dust-free, free flowing, granular materials.

Complete Systems & Semi-automated Filling Systems

This is where we truly excel.  We take care of everything from concept to commissioning.

Spiroflow provides complete automated bulk material handling systems.

Semi-automated bulk bag filler systems provide continuous operation.

Semi-automated bulk bag filler systems are easily customized with equipment such as this box top tamper.

This semi-automated bulk bag filler system is fast and efficient.

A semi-automated filling system gives large volume users the benefit of continuous operation without having to stop and unload each bag or gaylord.  Pallets are automatically fed to the filling rig and the bags are looped onto pneumatically operated hooks.  Once filling is completed, the loops are automatically released and the bag is then moved along the line by a powered take-off conveyor.

Custom Bags

Custom bulk bag fillers are designed for specific customer applications.

Bring us your challenges.  We design and manufacture custom solutions every day.

Accurate Filling

This is a custom gain-in-weight bulk bag filler.

Bring us your challenges.  We design and manufacture custom solutions every day.