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Bulk Bag Fillers

Technical Details: CTE High Volume & Densifying Fillers

Spiroflow's Cone Table Elite (CTE) Bulk Bag Filler is one of the most versatile and capable bulk bag fillers in the industry.  Unlike other fillers, the CTE bulk bag filler features the company's patented cone table densification system which densifies material in the bag, increases bag stability, and bulk bag filling throughput.

Consider the CTE Bulk Bag Filler when you require maximum densification, bag stability, bag stacking capabilities, weighing accuracy and the highest bagging rates.

Best Densification and Bag Stability

The CTE Bulk Bag Filler's patented cone table densification is ideal for powders, granules or pellets that are easily aerated and/or difficult to compact.  When the bulk bag is properly stretched and the material is deaerated with a flattened angle of repose, the result is a very safe and stable bag.

Unmatched Bag Stacking

The CTE is the only bulk bag filler available that produces filled bulk bags that are so stable they can safely be double stacked within the filler itself as well as in storage areas.  This allows end users to maximize operator productivity and minimize storage and warehousing costs.

Weighing Accuracy

The CTE Bulk Bag Filler utilizes hang weighing and delivers repeatable best in class weighing accuracy of +/- 1-2 lb.

Industry Benchmark High-Speed Bagging

The CTE Bulk Bag Filler delivers unmatched bagging rates of 30-35 bags/hr with weighing and more than 40 bags/hr with pre-weighing!  These fillers are often configured with automated filled bag removal to maximize bagging rates and operator productivity.

Multiple Bag Types

The CTE Bulk Bag Filler can fill lined or unlined bags, with or without an outlet spout.  Bulk bags can also be filled with or without pallets.

The CTE bulk bag filler densifies material.

Cone Table Densification - How It Works

The CTE bulk bag filler creates a stable base.

Geometry creates stable base

1. Build a stable base

The cone table's shape directs product to the bottom corners of the bag to create a stable foundation.

The patented cone table transfers energy to deaerate and densify material.

Efficient energy transfer

2. Transfer maximum energy

The cone table makes direct contact with the bag resulting in maximum vibration energy transfer.

The bulk bag is stretched during the filling process.

Bag stretches up to 5%

3. Stretch the bulk bag

A bulk bag typically spends 50% of the filling cycle hanging from its loops and not in contact with the cone table. During this time the bulk bag stretches, increasing volumetric efficiency and assisting with bag stabilization. A stretched and densified bulk bag will not slump and will hold more product.

The CTE bulk bag filler removes the angle of repose.

Flat top removes angle of repose

4. Removes the angle of repose

Almost any dry bulk solid has an angle of repose which is the angle formed by the peak of material produced when pouring a dry bulk solid.  To produce a flat-topped bag, the horizontal top of the cone table pushes up a column of product every time it comes in contact with the bag.  When the cone table is removed from contact with the bag, the angle of repose is flattened.

CTE Bulk Bag Filler Options & Configurations:

The CTE Bulk Bag Filler can be configured with a variety of components.  Based on your application, a Spiroflow engineer will recommend one of three CTE designs.

Standard Fixed & Pop-up Two ½ HP vibration motors
Super Fixed Only Two ¾ HP vibration motors
Mega Fixed Only Two 1-1½ HP vibration motors

The CTE bulk bag filler is offered with a number of options.


  • Carbon steel or stainless steel construction
  • Manual or pneumatic automatic retracting drive off hanger arms
  • Multiple container filling of bulk bags, single or multiple drums, multi-wall cardboard, rigid plastic, and metal
  • Manual or auto loop release
  • Bag liner inflation with eductor
  • Sanitary bag inflation with eductor and HEPA filter
  • Fixed or shuttle automatic bag removal

Semi-automated CTE Bulk Bag Filling System

The CTE Bulk Bag Filler is often designed as part of a complete semi-automated high-speed bag filling system as shown below:

The semi-automated CTE bulk bag filling system provides efficient, high speed filling.

Dual CTE Bulk Bag Fillers with ABR Shuttle