Bulk Bag Filling & Unloading Solutions

At Spiroflow our goal is to provide the widest range of custom bulk bag filling and bulk bag unloading solutions in the industry so that we can recommend the very best machine for transferring your dry bulk material efficiently into or out of your process.

C2-2-Bulk-Bag-Filler-Roller-Conveyor-BaseBulk Bag Fillers

Whether you need a simple entry level bulk bag filler or a complete semi-automated high volume bulk container filling system, we have you covered.  Our heavy-duty C Series fillers offer dust-free filling of 440-4,400 lb (200-2,000 kg) bulk bags with a variety of options such as liner inflation, dust extraction, powered roller conveyors, auto height adjustment, powered lift and more. Our fillers are adaptable for different bag sizes or filling drums, rigid bins, and boxes/octabins.  Our ultra-heavy-duty patented CTE filler is capable of filling up to 35 bags per hour and densifying highly aerated material.  We design and manufacture your ideal bulk bag filling system based on your requirements.

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T2 Universal Bulk Bag UnloaderBulk Bag Unloaders

Without a doubt, Spiroflow offers the widest range of bulk bag unloaders in the industry.  With more than 12 models customized for each application we provide alternatives for every unloading need from low cost, simple frame designs, unloading by volume or weight, knife style when using single trip bags, low headroom designs, integral hoists, modifications for emptying bins, dairy and pharmaceutical designs, to total containment options for unloading volatile, toxic or explosive materials.

All of our bulk bag unloaders can then be fitted with a variety of features such as bag massagers, vibration, spout & liner control, mobile frames, bag dump doors, bag tensioning, integral conveyor.

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