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Bulk Bag Unloaders

Technical Details: Bulk Bag Unloader by Volume

Our Universal T2 Bulk Bag Unloader provides controllable discharge by volume. Flow from the bulk bag is easily controlled by an integral Spiroflow conveyor coupled directly to the base of the discharger.

This type of conveyor can be used to accurately meter bulk bag contents to a process vessel in an enclosed and controlled manner. Given our powder handling expertise, we can recommend the best transfer method for your product, whether it is by aero mechanical, flexible or rigid screw, tubular drag or pneumatic conveyor.


  • Full dust control
  • Designed to discharge poor flowing materials
  • Suitable for all bulk bag types and sizes up to 6.5 ft. high and 2 tons in weight
  • Bag tensioner ensures total emptying of bag contents - no waste or spills
  • Automatic transfer of contents via integral take-off conveyor


  • Bag massagers to aid flow
  • Bag spout closure bars for dust free easy untying and re-tying of bag
  • Liner remover
  • Mobile frame
  • Bag dump door
  • Hygienic liner clamp
  • Quiet operation (no vibrators)

An operator positions the bag loops on to the lifting frame of the bulk bag unloader.

1. The loops of the bag are attached to a bag lifting frame and the liner clamped.

This bulk bag is installed and ready for unloading in the bulk bag unloader.

2. The bag is lifted by forklift on to the robust bulk bag support frame. Spring loaded arms on the support frame gradually raise and tension the bag during discharge. This ensures that the bag is completely emptied and prevents the bag spout or liner from sagging or fouling the take-off conveyor.

An operator unties the bottom spout of a bulk bag in the access chamber of the bulk bag unloader.

3. Integral chute has an access door for easy bag untying. Patented spout closure bars ensure the bag remains tightly closed until the discharging process starts.

This bulk bag unloader is fitted with a pneumatic bottom bag massage system.

4. Pneumatically operated massage system, adjustable in position for optimum effectiveness, ensures a consistent flow of difficult products.

This robust bulk bag unloader is fitted with an integral flexible screw conveyor for tanker loading.

5. An integral conveyor transfers bag contents directly to your process or, in this case, a tank.