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Bulk Bag Unloaders

Technical Details: Multi-Container & Bin Unloaders

Our T7 multi-container unloader is a versatile emptying system that allows processors to discharge materials from bulk bags, rigid bins, boxes/octabins or bags.

This unloader employs a controllable unloader and a subframe. A bulk bag or rigid container is placed on the subframe which has fork channels to allow loading onto the unloader. The unloader has an integral hopper and flexible spiral conveyor, which feeds the contents from the bag either volumetrically or by weight to process or packaging machinery. The unloader also has an interlocked access door where the operator can untie the spout of a bulk bag, or unload small bags of product into the conveyor. This unit is particularly suitable for batching operations requiring ingredients from several sources and methods of supply.


  • Adaptor frame for use with rigid bins
  • Allows for changing raw material delivery methods
  • Bag dump door
  • Full dust control
  • Integral conveyor or feeder
  • Discharge by volume or weight


  • Full range of discharge aids
  • Bag spout closure bars
  • Mobile frame

This rigid bin bulk bag unloader has an integral flexible screw conveyor and a slide gate.

This unloader accommodates a bin with a cone shaped base.

This multi-loader accommodates rigid bins, octabins and bulk bags.