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Bulk Bag Unloaders

Technical Details: Pharmaceutical Bulk Bag Unloader

At Spiroflow, we specialize in 'high containment' bulk bag filling and bulk bag unloading systems and offer a range of bulk bag unloaders specifically designed for use in dairy and pharmaceutical applications.

The worldwide acceptance of bulk bags has brought big changes to bulk materials handling - not least in the pharmaceutical industry where they are replacing the use of rigid IBC's. Manufacturers of bulk bags and associated filling and unloading systems have made strident advances in hygiene and containment - now offering containment levels as good as 25 µ/m3. Lined bulk bags avoid cross contamination between batches and eliminate the need for and cost of cleaning/re-validation associated with traditional rigid bins.

However, improperly handled bulk bags can be the cause of dust and spillage during discharge and afterward during the disposal of empty bags. Our Pharmaceutical Bulk Bag Unloaders offer total containment of bulk bags during discharge and their subsequent removal. They come complete with a liner spout clamping system that ensures the total containment. Interlocked, power operated pinch bars are provided to clamp the bulk bag neck so that the neck ties can be released safely.

Dependent upon the potency of the active ingredient, releasing the neck ties, cutting open sealed liners, feeding them through the clamp ring and over the discharge spout all takes place within a negative pressure enclosure connected to a HEPA filtration system either through an access door or through a sealed glove box arrangement.

Spiroflow offers a bulk bag unloader for pharmaceutical applications.