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Bulk Bag Unloaders

Technical Details: Bulk Bag Unloader Options

Bag Massagers

Bag massagers aid the consistent flow of difficult materials from a bulk bag and are located either in the base of the support dish, at the corners or on the side frame. They are actuated by pneumatic cylinders and their position and frequency of actuation is fully adjustable. They are particularly effective if the material has been compacted from storage or when traditional (and noisy) vibration causes further compaction and hinders unloading.

Spiroflow bulk bag unloaders can be equipped with optional side massagers.

Side Massagers

Spiroflow bulk bag unloaders can be equipped with optional corner massagers.

Corner Massagers

Spiroflow bulk bag unloaders can be equipped with optional base massagers.

Base Massagers

Spiroflow bulk bag unloaders can connect to metering feeders.

Metering Feeders

Using our own flexible screw conveyor technology, or proprietary equipment, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of gravimetric and volumetric metering feeders for the reliable and accurate dosing of ingredients or additives into mixers, reactors, process vessels or liquid flows.

Spiroflow bulk bag unloaders can be equipped with a spout stretcher and sealing device.

Spout Stretcher

Our pneumatic stretching and sealing device assists the flow of poor flowing or very light product through the bag spout and into a downstream vessel, valve or conveyor. It also provides total dust containment of dusty or noxious products.

Spiroflow bulk bag unloaders can be equipped with an integral vibratory sieve.


An integral vibratory sieve provides assurance that product from a bulk bag is suitably screened for lumps and other impurities before entering the discharge chute.

Spiroflow provides mobile bulk bag unloaders.

Mobile Frame

A robust mobile frame, with a towing facility if required, provides a versatile arrangement for processors who need to discharge bulk bags at several locations. (This option is not available for the Type 6 Bulk Bag Unloader with Integral Hoist).

Spiroflow can provide mobile trolleys, often used with our low loader designs.

Mobile Trolley

This useful device, often used with a Type 5 Low Headroom Unloader, can also be supplied as a storage frame for bulk bags. If located on a mezzanine, it can provide direct loading into packaging or process machine hoppers.

Spiroflow can equip our bulk bag unloaders with liner clamps.

Lifting Frame Liner Clamp

Bulk bags are often supplied with long inner liners which must be clamped at the top to prevent fouling the take-off conveyor.

Spiroflow offers bulk bag folding tables for easy bag disposal with minimal dust.

Bag Folding Table

A bulk bag folding table provides a practical solution to bag disposal problems and allows residual product extraction from the bulk bag.

Spiroflow offers bulk bag unloaders with static protection.

Static Protection

Designed for use in hazardous atmospheres with a Type C static dissipative bag, the ground monitoring device automatically checks that the bag is correctly grounded before discharging can begin.

Easily adjust the bulk bag unloader support arm without tools.

No Tools Support Arm Adjustment

This development significantly reduces the time it takes to alter the height of the support arms to accommodate differing height bags.

Add an optional bag dump door to easily unload smaller bags of material.

Bag/Sack Dump Door

We can supply a large bag/sack dump door so that if your supply of bulk bags is interrupted, smaller bags of raw materials can be emptied into the unloader.