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Bulk Bag Unloaders

Technical Details: Total Containment Bulk Bag Unloader

Spiroflow has developed the T9 bulk bag unloader for applications where products handled in bulk bags are fine, powdery and invasive and total containment during unloading in necessary to prevent contamination of the local atmosphere. The T9 is also the natural unloading choice when your product is volatile, toxic or explosive.

A sealing device inflates inside the bottom spout of the bulk bag and seals it during the emptying process to eliminate the risk of dust emissions. It also operates in conjunction with an automatic spout stretching device to promote a smooth and cylindrical path for material flow directly into a process vessel or integral conveyor. This patented feature is particularly valuable when products with poor flow characteristics are being handled.

It is important to ensure total discharge of product from the bulk bag when an invasive powder is being unloaded to prevent the escape of material when the emptied bag is removed. For this reason, the Model T9 has bag massagers at the corners of the bag as well as the base. A patented pneumatic bag tensioner and an inner liner clamp prevent creases from forming during unloading which can trap residual material.

Height adjustment for bags of different sizes is provided as well as a lifting frame locator for correct alignment of the unloader with a process vessel or other equipment where the material is being unloaded. This feature enhances product containment.

Special design features also permit cleaning in place (CIP).

The bag spout is stretched and collapsed with the T9 Total Containment Bulk Bag Unloader.

Basic Operation:

A bulk bag is ready for unloading.

Bag is placed on unloader by hoist or forklift.

The bottom bag spout is pulled through the discharger dish and patented spout closure bars.

Spout is pulled through the discharge dish with spout closure bars open.

The operator closes the spout closure bars and unties the bag.

With spout closure bars closed, bag is untied without release of contents.

The bag spout is positioned over the neck seal and tensioning device.

Bag spout located over inflation & tensioning device.

With the neck seal inflated the spout closure bars can be opened.

Spout closure bars are opened to release product.

Stretching the bag spout improves product flow.

The pneumatic stretching device is actuated to provide a smooth path for product to flow through the spout.

The bulk bag unloader has corner bag massagers to assist product flow.

Bag massagers at each corner assist material flow & ensure total emptying.

Spiroflow's pneumatic bag tensioner retains bag shape.

Pneumatic bag tensioner retains bag shape.

Static Grounding:

A static grounding system incorporated into the unloader constantly monitors the surface resistance of the bulk bag (Type C static conductive bag). It provides outputs in the form of visual indication of bag/earth status and interlocks to filling/unloading equipment.

Static grounding is available for all Spiroflow bulk bag unloaders.

Patented Features:

  • Sealing device for bottom spout
  • Automatic spout stretching
  • Assurance of complete product discharge
  • Variable grounding system with bulk bag resistance monitoring
  • Corner massagers