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Case Packing

Bags, Cartons, Trays, Standup Pouches, Bottles Cans & Cups

Robotic case packing systems provide an unparalleled level of reliability and reduced maintenance when compared to other options.  With over 62,000 hours MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) combined with a low annual maintenance cost and minimal downtime for maintenance, robotic systems provide a much lower cost of ownership.

Spiroflow provides complete end-of-the-line solutions integrating case erectors, conveyors, sheet feeders, labelers, inkjet printers, laser markers, case sealers through to palletizing and guided vehicles.

Case packing solutions are offered in North America.


  • Utilize the Latest in Robotic Safety Technology
  • Latest PLC Technology with User-Friendly HMI
  • Wide Variety of Applications