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Flexible Screw Conveyors

Technical Details: Auxiliary Equipment


Static Bag/Sack Dump Stations

Spiroflow offers basic bag dump stations.

Basic Bag/Sack Dump Station.

Mobile Bag/Sack Dump Stations

Spiroflow offers mobile bag dump stations

Mobile Bag Dump Station with integral feed, dust hood, and flexible screw conveyor.

Multi-way Feeders

Spiroflow offers multi-way flexible screw feeders.  

Multi-way flexible screw conveyors allow up to three conveyors to be fed from a single feed point. The system features swivelling inlet assemblies that allow the conveyors to be quickly installed and positioned as required, giving users valuable operational flexibility.

Dry, free-flowing products (sugar, salt, rusk, plastic granules) are fed smoothly and consistently - without the pulsing that occurs with pneumatic systems - allowing ingredients and additives to be metered to processing and packaging machines.

Low-Cost Solutions

Spiroflow offers mobile solutions.

Often, companies needing to improve their production processes, reduce dust or eliminate manual handling just do not have the capital expenditure budget to upgrade the feed systems to a multiplicity of individual machines. At Spiroflow, we can supply mobile flexible screw conveyors for dry ingredients with or without an integral dust hood as a cost effective answer to feeding several machines.

Operators can either load the conveyor direct from small sacks or wheel the mobile unit with a suitably sized collection hopper under a silo, mixer or process vessel. Alternatively, as the photo shows, our mobile conveyors can be furnished with an integral bulk bag discharger. Mobile, easy to clean flexible screw conveyors can help solve ingredients handling problems within a short pay-back period.