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Vacuum Conveyors

Technical Details: The Basics

Vacuum conveying offers simple operation, ability to negotiate lengthy and tortuous routes and hygienic transfer of materials. The product is conveyed from a feed source to a delivery point suspended in a stream of gas - usually air. When particulate materials are metered into an airstream, at an optimal solids to air ratio, the differential air pressure generated via a vacuum pump creates a high enough velocity to move the materials within the conveying tube.

Applications across many industries

Thousands of materials, including particularly poor flowing products, are transferred regularly by vacuum conveying systems and are used by many industries for their ease of operation and efficient handling attributes. In the food, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries for example - major users of vacuum equipment - the range of products which can be conveyed is virtually unlimited: salt, sugar, flour, starch, spices etc. and respectively, yeast granules, glucose, talc, paracetamol etc. Other major users include the chemical, plastic, water and mineral industries

Vacuum conveyors for powder & bulk

When moving powder and granules there is a great need for a solution that is hygienic, safe and prevents product damage. Spiroflow offers a complete range of vacuum conveyors to meet these requirements and at the same time provide high capacity with a small machine footprint.

Our vacuum conveyors handle granules up to 50 mm. Conveying fragile products requires significant experience to secure the quality of the product. Spiroflow considers various technical concepts such as reducing speed in the pipeline and minimizing physical impact inside the conveyor. Normally a project with fragile product is executed in several steps. We evaluate, redesign (if needed) and test the application to make sure all aspects of the requirements are met.

Our vacuum conveyors handle particle sizes from 0.5 microns, offer conveying capacity up to 10 tons/hour (9 tonnes/hr) and the conveying distances up to about 100 feet (30m). Note that capacity and distance is very dependent on the properties of the conveyed material. In some cases, capacity and distance can be increased beyond the normal maximum ranges.

Principles of vacuum conveying

These are the principals of vacuum conveying.

Offering vacuum conveying solutions for:

  • Powder & granule transfer
  • Mill/sieve/mixer/blender filling
  • Tablet/fragile transfer
  • Horizontal form/fill/seal
  • Big bag unloading
  • Small product transfer
  • Explosive atmospheres
  • Hygienic applications
  • Drum/bag filling
  • Hazardous powder transfer
  • Painting/paint coating
  • Injection molding /pellet transfer

Spiroflow offers a variety of vacuum conveyors.

Key advantages of Spiroflow vacuum conveyors

  • 45+ years experience conveying fragile products
  • Minimum maintenance since no moving parts inside the pump
  • Hygienic design and easy to clean
  • Modular program easy to modify for different requirements
  • Closed system with no dust contamination
  • Universal interface
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Full pneumatic system with no ignition source from electrical components
  • Design in accordance with international standards
  • HEPA filter option for exhaust air
  • Option to divert exhaust air to central point through piping