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Best Aero Mechanical Conveyor Manufacturers (Reviews/Ratings)

Aero mechanical conveyor manufacturers are based all over the world. Which suppliers make the best products? Here at Spiroflow, we believe in what we design and manufacture. I believe our products and service stand out amongst our competitors. That’s exactly why I feel comfortable writing this blog on our site.

This post discusses the industry leaders in aero mechanical conveyor manufacturing. We value consumer education and buyer satisfaction above all else, which is why we’re introducing our visitors to other suppliers.

Aero Mechanical Conveyor Manufacturers


Entecon gets their name from what they do, engineering & technical construction for the powder handling industry. They’re located about 30 minutes outside of London. Entecon employs a team of solution providers. Their experts have decades of experience. They want customers to expect custom designed systems to fit their layouts and materials.


FloAero, the makers of the Floveyor®, opened for business in 1997. This company is based in Encino, California. FloAero specializes in aero mechanical conveyors and associated equipment. The company touts their ability to deliver completely customized engineered equipment.


A Unitrak aero mechanical conveyor will come from their Canadian or United Kingdom manufacturing locations. In 1967 their founders developed a bucket conveyor manufactured by predecessor FGMCL. The Port Hope, Ontario-based UNITRAK Corporation Limited was founded in 1969. They began selling flexible screw conveyors in the early 1980s and developed a bulk bag discharger in 2001. They go to market through a network of manufacturers’ field representatives.


VAC-U-MAX is based in Belleville, New Jersey. Their brand of AMC is called the Aerocon Aero-Conveyor. The company serves a worldwide market. Major industries served include the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical. The company first made a name for itself through the design of their vacuum pneumatic conveyor. They consider themselves pioneers when it comes to vacuum conveying.

Young® Industries

Young Industries supplies their aero mechanical conveyors out of Muncy, Pennsylvania. They are a value engineering based supplier that specializes in AMCs. Their goal is to provide bulk material handling products, services, and replacement parts that are safe and easy to operate.

Here’s what we can offer you

This post is all about honesty. I wanted to truthfully write about our competitors and fellow industry leaders. I hope you found this article helpful. At this stage, I want to discuss what Spiroflow can do for you.

Spiroflow has been around for more than 45 years. Our engineers have been designing custom conveying solutions all over the world in that time. The company was founded with the initial design of the flexible screw conveyor and has evolved to serve a countless amount of processes.

Our aero mechanical conveyors are tried and true workhorses available with a patented auto tensioning system. We call it a DART. DART stands for dynamic auto rope tensioning. This add-on will make your operator’s life much easier. It removes the need to manually tension the cable/rope inside the AMC. This will lead to an increased lifespan of your conveyor and savings on maintenance costs.

If you’d like to work with us, our contact information is below. You can also view our entire line of conveying options, bulk bag filling and discharging choices, and control systems solutions.