Robotic Box Palletizing


There are many advantages to robotic palletizing including flexibility and reliability.  Additionally, processors realize that there is a significant reduction in the cost of ownership of robotic palletizing systems when compared to convention layer palletizers.  No chains and air cylinders need to be adjusted or replaced on an annual basis which reduces down due to routine maintenance.  Today’s robots have proven track records of over 62,000 hours MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure).

Spiroflow provides complete palletizing solutions integrating conveyors, slip sheet feeding, tier sheet feeding, pallet feeders through to guided vehicles.

Palletizing solutions are offered in North America.



Our robots & end effectors will handle most items including boxes, bags, open mouth and valve bags, bales, pails, crates, pallets and slip sheets.  A full range of pack in-feed systems are available including leveling, flattening & turning conveyors.  Robot cells can be configured to load single packs to single pallets through six different packs onto individual pallets.  End effectors are designed to suit your specific application.


  • Payload: 350 – 2,970 lb
  • Stack Heights: Up to 120”
  • Throughput: Up to 25 single picks/min. increasing with multi-pick option


  • Semi & Fully Automated Pallet Dispensers
  • Base & Top Sheet Placement
  • Pallet Roller Conveyors

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