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Best Cable Drag Conveyor Manufacturers (Reviews/Ratings)

Cable drag conveyor manufacturers are located all over the globe. Which suppliers make the best conveyors?

The idea behind this article is to help you in your research of tubular cable drag conveyors. Here at Spiroflow, we place an emphasis on customer education and buyer satisfaction above everything else. This is why you’ll see the names of our competitors in articles like this one.

Defining a Cable Drag Conveyor

I’m talking about conveyors that have been used throughout a range of industries for decades. A cable drag conveyor is mechanically driven inside a totally enclosed tube. It uses a cable and disc assembly to gently drag a variety of materials from an inlet point to an outlet point. These conveyors can have more than one inlet and outlet.

Cable Drag Conveyor Manufacturers


Flexicon is a well-known supplier who has offices in the United States, Europe, and a few other countries. Their team of specialists has many years of combined experience with tubular cable drag conveyors and other bulk material handling equipment. Their team of engineers strives to deliver efficient solutions to customers’ problems. They offer a range of bulk material handling equipment similar to our own.

Cablevey® Conveyors

Cablevey, based out of Iowa, is a worldwide tube conveyor manufacturer. They engineer and install conveyor systems in multiple countries. The company is a division of Intraco, Inc. and was started in the 1970s. During the early years, they were involved in the import/export of agricultural equipment. Cablevey later developed their cable drag conveyor. Their mission is to help manufacturers move delicate materials through tube conveyor technology.

Here’s What We Can Offer You

Like I mentioned at the top of this article, Spiroflow is here to help. I hope you can rely on us to be your resource for not only cable drag conveying solutions but also anything to do with bulk material handling.

Spiroflow was founded more than 45 years ago with the development of the flexible screw conveyor. As time went on, Spiroflow evolved. Today, we have a wide range of bulk material conveying equipment. We can offer a variety of bulk bag filling and discharging equipment. We also offer control system integration solutions through our Spiroflow Automation Solutions business division. Our team is responsible for thousands of installations all over the world.

Our cable drag conveyors are called Cableflow® cable drag conveyors. The cable (rope) inside the conveyor tends to stretch over time. In order to make things easier for processors, we developed and patented an auto-tensioning system. It’s called a DART (dynamic automatic rope tensioning) system. Pairing a DART with a Cableflow will keep the conveyor running longer and your maintenance costs lower.