Conveying Tea: Best Conveyors for Powdered & Loose Leaf Tea

tea leaves

Before it is packaged, tea is handled in loose leaf or instant powdered form. Both forms come with challenges that must be overcome via conveyor system design to ensure a final product that is consistent in both flavor and quality. In this article, Spiroflow experts will discuss tea conveying challenges and review considerations for the […]

Carbon Black Conveying
Considerations for Powder & Pellets

conveying carbon black

What Is Carbon Black And What Is It Used For? Carbon black is made by the incomplete combustion of petroleum and is used as a pigment or coloring agent in ink, paint and many other substances. Due to its ability to increase resistance to wear and abrasion, carbon black is also commonly used as a reinforcing agent […]

Sugar Conveying Considerations – Choosing Sugar Conveying Systems

sugar dunes

SUGAR CONVEYING CHALLENGES: GRANULATED VS. POWDERED SUGAR Powdered sugar is highly flammable and explosive. Sugar conveying system design should work to eliminate this risk. In fact, due to recent industrial accidents, government regulatory bodies like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) have issued heightened regulations governing the handling of sugar. In […]

Top 6 tips to consider when purchasing a food conveyor

Selecting the right conveyor for your food application can become a daunting task for any buyer who may not be aware of the key factors to consider. These simple top tips can be used as guidance and a good starting point. Probably the most critical aspect to consider and to include: testing, product analysis, degradation, […]

Aero Mechanical vs.
Pneumatic Conveyors:
Conveyor Showdown

Should I use aero mechanical conveyors or pneumatic vacuum conveyors? Which are better?

If these are questions you’ve found yourself asking, you’ve come to the right place. We get asked these questions all the time about our various conveyors, and we love to help answer these questions for our clients.

Here at Spiroflow, we’ve been in the bulk material handling industry for more than 45 years and we have sold both types of conveyors over the years. Given our experience, we find that aero mechanical conveyors are often a better option in many different types of processes.

Bulk Bakery Ingredients – Choosing the Right Conveyor

Choosing the right conveyor for bulk bakery ingredients There are many bulk material handling equipment solutions to solve processing challenges faced by bakery manufacturers. Chris Brennan from Spiroflow highlights some available options for processors using bulk bakery ingredients. Inflated labour costs, operational errors, cross-contamination and concerns over workers’ health has safety, has seen the bakery […]

Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyors vs. Aero Mechanical Conveyors

Pneumatic Conveying

Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyors vs. Aero Mechanical Conveyors (AMCs) – which is best? Are you looking to see which conveyor is best, Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyors vs. Aero Mechanical Conveyors?  Spiroflow has been at the forefront of the bulk material handling industry for more than 48  years, selling both types of conveyors. In this short article, we […]

Conveyor Solution Improves Workflow Efficiency at Chemique Adhesives


A conveying solution from Spiroflow, the leading manufacturer of dry ingredients conveying and bulk bag handling equipment, has provided West Midlands-based Chemique Adhesives with a new automated system for batching product. A global leader in the manufacture and supply of high performance industrial adhesives, Chemique Adhesives, supplies premium bonding solutions for virtually any industry, including […]

How Do You Convey a Difficult Product?

aeromechanical conveyor principles of operation

How Do You Convey a Difficult Product? If your product has certain characteristics that make it difficult to handle you may be asking yourself – how do you convey a difficult product? The right conveyor for your application is based on a number of factors including – material characteristics, layout, and application and at Spiroflow […]