The Complete Bulk Bag Unloader Customization Guide

A step-by-step guide to selecting bulk bag unloader components In The Market To Upgrade Or Extend Your Bulk Bag Unloading Line? Not All Bulk Bag Dischargers Are Created Equal. Need Help Selecting Bulk Bag Unloading Equipment? Spiroflow Systems’ Andy Forrester walks us through some of the variations and customizations available in today’s bulk bag unloading market. From standalone, […]

T2 Bulk Bag Discharger – does exactly what’s needed

Our T2 bulk bag discharger proves to be as popular as ever. A long-standing Spiroflow customer has recently updated its existing Spiroflow bulk bag discharger, which has been in operation for almost 20 years, with a new version. The decision to upgrade was only made due to changing manufacturing techniques; our customer is proposing to […]

Shift #2: Increasing Capacity of Production Lines To Meet Demand


This is installment #2 in Spiroflow’s 4-part blog series: “Making Manufacturing Shifts: Adapting During COVID-19 & Beyond” In the first installment of our series we talked about how manufacturers that have seen a decrease in product orders are pivoting to produce in-demand products like face masks and hand sanitizer. In this blog, we will address […]

Handling Hazardous Ingredients In Bulk Bags

Two potential hazards that can arise during bulk bag handling: Dissipate Static There are two ways to mitigate the risk of static discharge: bag and equipment design. Of the four types of bulk bag (Type A, B, C and D), typically only types C and D are used to prevent static discharge leading to explosions. […]

Bulk Bag Unloader Comparison: Attributes, Functions & Performance

Go to Spiroflow’s Complete Guide To Bulk Bag Unloader Customization. Selecting the best bulk bag unloader for your application is crucial to your processing success and your bottom line. Here at Spiroflow, we have a comprehensive range of bulk bag unloaders that processors can choose from. Our primary objective is to provide you with the safest, […]

Finding the Best Bulk Bag Unloader for Your Application

Finding the best type of bulk bag unloader for your application isn’t difficult, at least it doesn’t have to be. The most important part about the bulk bag unloader (bulk bag discharger) selection process is understanding what you need out of the machine.

How much does a Bulk Bag Discharger cost?

Are you wondering how much does a bulk bag discharger cost? Do you want to find the most economical discharging solution with the highest chance of success? There are several variations of dischargers out there designed for different applications. They can be further customized for a processor’s unique site constraints.

Bulk Bag Discharger Weigh Batching

Bulk Bag Discharger Weigh Batching A weigh batching bulk bag discharge system can improve batching efficiency and reduce ingredient and handling costs. A loss-in-weight bulk bag batching system includes a bulk bag discharger whose outlet is directly coupled to a feed control device such as a flexible screw conveyor. The feed device is typically supported by the bulk bag […]

Solving Bulk Bag Unloader Dusting Problems

The most common problem with unloading bulk bags is dusting. Frequently, bulk bag unloader operations are a dusty mess. At best, this results in a housekeeping problem. Product loss and quality control issues can arise and the worst case is a safety issue when dealing with ingredients that pose a health or explosion risk.