Understanding the Importance of Bulk Bag Safety on National Forklift Safety Day

Between 35,000 and 62,000 injuries each year involve a forklift, with several of these cases affecting bystanders and pedestrians. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that more than 70% of these incidents were preventable. Each year we recognize National Forklift Safety Day on the second Tuesday of June — this year, the event […]

How Do You Convey a Difficult Product?

aeromechanical conveyor principles of operation

How Do You Convey a Difficult Product? If your product has certain characteristics that make it difficult to handle you may be asking yourself – how do you convey a difficult product? The right conveyor for your application is based on a number of factors including – material characteristics, layout, and application and at Spiroflow […]

Handling Hazardous Ingredients In Bulk Bags

Two potential hazards that can arise during bulk bag handling: Dissipate Static There are two ways to mitigate the risk of static discharge: bag and equipment design. Of the four types of bulk bag (Type A, B, C and D), typically only types C and D are used to prevent static discharge leading to explosions. […]

Product Challenges: Product Degradation

In this blog series, we are looking at the most common challenges our customers have with their products, today’s blog will focus on the topic of product degradation. Degradation occurs as the product is being moved through the system and the particles are constantly in contact. Therefore the material breaks down which can result in a […]

How much product are you giving away for free in you bulk bags?

Bulk Bags

Do you sell your product in bulk bags by a standard weight? Do you know how much product you are giving away for free? Do you sell your product in bulk bags? If you sell your dry bulk solid product in bulk bags according to a standard weight per bag, you are probably overfilling each bag […]

What is Bulk Material Handling?

If you’re asking the question ‘What is Bulk Material Handling’ you are likely new to process manufacturing or looking to solve a current need in your production process. Either way, we can help. At Spiroflow we’ve been helping customers with their bulk material handling needs for over 45 years. So we’d like to share a few insights with you.

Bulk Bag Handling for Transportation & Storage

Spiroflow, a worldwide leader in bulk bag handling, offers solutions from conveying to bulk bag filling and bulk bag unloading systems to end of line robotic palletizing. The easiest method of transporting bulk bags is on pallets (or skid sheets) using a forklift or pallet truck.

Selecting Safe Powder Handling Equipment

Operator safety is a major consideration when selecting automated powder handling equipment.

Manual packaging can be a laborious, repetitive and monotonous task, frequently carried out in a dusty, noisy, or otherwise unpleasant environment. Workplace injuries under these conditions can be frequent – lifting, repetitive strain, breathing or respiratory problems, hearing loss and others. Lost time at work, human error, high staff turnover, shift rotations and mandatory breaks are all a constant drain on productivity and efficiency.

Handling Hazardous Ingredients in Bulk Bags

Bulk Bag Unloader Clamp for Total ContainmentIncreasingly, bulk bags are used to ship ‘hazardous’ dry bulk solid materials. This post investigates what you need to know when handling hazardous ingredients.