Conveying Tea: Best Conveyors for Powdered & Loose Leaf Tea

tea leaves

Before it is packaged, tea is handled in loose leaf or instant powdered form. Both forms come with challenges that must be overcome via conveyor system design to ensure a final product that is consistent in both flavor and quality. In this article, Spiroflow experts will discuss tea conveying challenges and review considerations for the […]

Sugar Conveying Considerations – Choosing Sugar Conveying Systems

sugar dunes

SUGAR CONVEYING CHALLENGES: GRANULATED VS. POWDERED SUGAR Powdered sugar is highly flammable and explosive. Sugar conveying system design should work to eliminate this risk. In fact, due to recent industrial accidents, government regulatory bodies like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) have issued heightened regulations governing the handling of sugar. In […]

Spiroflow’s flexible screw conveyor delivers unmatched reliability – Video

For a fully adaptable and reliable conveying solution, Spiroflow’s flexible screw conveyor (FSC) is hard to beat. Not only does it provide an extremely cost effective method of conveying dry bulk solids and ingredients, such as rice, milk powders and sugars, it is also ideal in maintaining mix integrity throughout the process. FSCs are also […]

Top 6 tips to consider when purchasing a food conveyor

Selecting the right conveyor for your food application can become a daunting task for any buyer who may not be aware of the key factors to consider. These simple top tips can be used as guidance and a good starting point. Probably the most critical aspect to consider and to include: testing, product analysis, degradation, […]

Spiroflow responds to snack food category uplift

Fuelled by changes in consumer eating habits, the snack food category has seen an uplift of 40% during the pandemic, resulting in an increase in processing equipment orders from Spiroflow – the Clitheroe-based manufacturer of dry ingredients conveying and bulk bag handling equipment. With their US counterparts reporting a similar spike in demand, Spiroflow’s innovative […]

Shift #2: Increasing Capacity of Production Lines To Meet Demand


This is installment #2 in Spiroflow’s 4-part blog series: “Making Manufacturing Shifts: Adapting During COVID-19 & Beyond” In the first installment of our series we talked about how manufacturers that have seen a decrease in product orders are pivoting to produce in-demand products like face masks and hand sanitizer. In this blog, we will address […]

Bulk Bakery Ingredients – Choosing the Right Conveyor

Choosing the right conveyor for bulk bakery ingredients There are many bulk material handling equipment solutions to solve processing challenges faced by bakery manufacturers. Chris Brennan from Spiroflow highlights some available options for processors using bulk bakery ingredients. Inflated labour costs, operational errors, cross-contamination and concerns over workers’ health has safety, has seen the bakery […]

Conveyor Solution Improves Workflow Efficiency at Chemique Adhesives


A conveying solution from Spiroflow, the leading manufacturer of dry ingredients conveying and bulk bag handling equipment, has provided West Midlands-based Chemique Adhesives with a new automated system for batching product. A global leader in the manufacture and supply of high performance industrial adhesives, Chemique Adhesives, supplies premium bonding solutions for virtually any industry, including […]

Conveying flour – Choose the Right Conveyor

Conveying Flour

If you are looking to convey flour in your factory process and you are unsure which conveyor will be right then read our guide to choosing the right conveyor below. Flour is a powder product which is made by grinding raw grains and roots and is then used to make a final product such as […]

Conveyors vs. Forklift Trucks – Reduce Manual Handling

What is the best way to move material across your business? Are you using a forklift truck to move your products? A conveyor system may be a better solution for you! The forklift truck is one of the most common methods of moving product, especially in bulk bags, across the factory floor. This is because […]