Q&A with Spiroflow’s Test Bay Guru – Terry Mason

Testing Materials with Terry

Q&A with Spiroflow’s Test Bay Guru – Terry Mason Terry Mason has been Spiroflow’s Test Bay Manager for 12 years. He was previously an engineering and production shift manager at Castle Cement for 30 years. As Terry will confirm, the importance of testing cannot be underestimated. Using our analysis lab we will test your product […]

Materials Testing & Equipment Testing

Materials Testing & Equipment Testing Spiroflow welcomes customers from around the globe to conduct feasibility trials and equally importantly, to offer advice on the comparative advantages of different conveying and bulk bag handling methods relative to the customer’s application. We are fully equipped with flexible screw, aero mechanical and tubular drag conveyors, as well as […]

Materials Test – Do You Need One?

Do you need a materials test? While a materials test may not be necessary for every buying situation, a good product test can ensure that the right conveyor choice is made & any future misapplication issues in the field can potentially be avoided. At Spiroflow we have a materials testing lab and machine test facilities both […]