Reducing Material Breakage With a Tube Conveyor System

In many industries, the integrity of the materials or products being conveyed is of utmost importance. This is especially true in the food processing industry, where materials are particularly fragile, and breakage can lead to many negative consequences. However, even though preserving material integrity is crucial during the conveying process, a whopping 29% of industrial facilities […]

Conveying Tea: Best Conveyors for Powdered & Loose Leaf Tea

tea leaves

Before it is packaged, tea is handled in loose leaf or instant powdered form. Both forms come with challenges that must be overcome via conveyor system design to ensure a final product that is consistent in both flavor and quality. In this article, Spiroflow experts will discuss tea conveying challenges and review considerations for the […]

Conveying Coffee?
Choose the Right Conveyor

Coffee Conveyor Selection Guide Looking for the right conveyor for your coffee product? Manufacturers and roasters are moving away from using traditional, open bucket elevators and belt conveyors for moving ground coffee and coffee beans due to both hygienic and layout challenges. Instead, coffee producers are opting for more efficient, hygienic, totally-enclosed and flexible conveying […]

Top 6 tips to consider when purchasing a food conveyor

Selecting the right conveyor for your food application can become a daunting task for any buyer who may not be aware of the key factors to consider. These simple top tips can be used as guidance and a good starting point. Probably the most critical aspect to consider and to include: testing, product analysis, degradation, […]

Tubular Drag Conveyors: How do they work?

tubular drag conveyors: how do they work?

Cablevey conveyors are designed for gentle material handling and for conveying in multiple planes – but how does a tubular drag conveyor work? It works by dragging product gently between two polyethylene discs inside a tube the conveyor with either a cable or a chain. A continuous loop of cable or chain with discs spaced […]

Snack Foods – Convey Fragile Material

snack food gentle conveying

Product damage caused by the transport of friable materials during processing is a huge — and costly — concern for manufacturers of many kinds of food, industrial and consumer products. Spiroflow has answered the call with its versatile line of enclosed cable conveyor & disc conveyor systems. Proven to gently convey more than 900 different […]

Conveyors vs. Forklift Trucks – Reduce Manual Handling

What is the best way to move material across your business? Are you using a forklift truck to move your products? A conveyor system may be a better solution for you! The forklift truck is one of the most common methods of moving product, especially in bulk bags, across the factory floor. This is because […]

Cablevey Tubular Cable Drag Conveyors – Gently does it

Spiroflow’s Cablevey Tubular Cable Drag Conveyors are a further development of the best in class Aeroflow aeromechanical conveyors operating with reduced clearances and at reduced running speeds. Being highly energy efficient, especially when compared to pneumatic conveying systems, Cablevey conveyors are designed for gentle material handling and for conveying in multiple planes – perfect for […]

Conveying Nuts – Peanuts/ Almonds / Pecans / etc.

Conveying nuts

Are you looking for a method of conveying nuts that will minimize product degradation and increase productivity? Then read this blog post about how a Spiroflow conveyor will gently convey nuts in a safe and reliable manner. Whether you need to move peanuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts or even peanut butter, we have a conveyor […]

Product Challenges: Cleanability

Different equipment requires different cleanability requirements and this will depend on your process. Whether you require food grade hygienic equipment or just standard cleaning requirements at Sprifolow we understand that cleanability is a top requirement. All our conveyors have cleanability options and which conveyor is best will depend on your application. Conveying in the food industry […]