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Spiroflow Update

A letter from our CEO

Dear Valued Customer,

To support the global effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we have implemented remote working for all applicable employees and have put in place social distancing and enhanced sanitation programs at all Spiroflow facilities.To protect our customers, visits to our facilities are restricted to mission critical service and support activities for our critical infrastructure partners. All non-essential visits to Spiroflow corporate locations are also temporarily suspended.

Process. While we have to adapt our process to this ever-changing environment and restrict visitors to our facility, we won’t stop working for you. Many of you, our valued customers, are in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and defense industries and though our workforce may be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, as a critical infrastructure supplier, Spiroflow will remain open and continue to manufacture equipment essential for your operations.

We are following recommendations from U.S. Homeland Security’s Guidance on the Essential Workforce, which states, “Functioning critical infrastructure is imperative during the response to the COVID-19 emergency for both public health and safety as well as community well-being. Certain critical infrastructure industries have a special responsibility in these times to continue operations.”

Spiroflow has endured for nearly 50 years through Vietnam, 9-11, the War Against Terrorism, more than a dozen recessions (eight since 1980), and we’ve always found a way forward. We have and will continue to be the resource and supplier for you, our valued customers.

Productivity. Our end goal is to help you increase productivity. What you run through our equipment is your business — how you keep it running is ours. We are now offering “Critical Spare Parts Evaluation” support for partners who need to ensure uninterrupted production during these challenging times.

Thank you for your partnership in this difficult circumstance. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 704-246-0900.


Jeff Dudas, Spiroflow CEO

Business Continuity During COVID-19

     Keeping your essential business operating is crucial during COVID-19. Here are 3 things you may want to consider.

1. Do you have immediate access to critical spare parts?
Spiroflow has been designated an essential supplier and remains open and fully operational to support your spare parts and service needs. We are also able to supply spare parts for many other brands of process equipment including but not limited to: Flexible Screw Conveyors, Aeromechanical Conveyors, Tubular Cable and Chain drag conveyors made by other manufacturers. At this time, we ask you to review your critical spare parts needs as lead times may be affected for some parts due to the current crisis.

Contact Steve Simmons (704) 246 0982 for advice or to place an order.

2. Do you have the essential automation support you need?
Spiroflow Automation Solutions is fully staffed and has process control engineering services at the ready to keep your facilities operational and optimize performance. Headquartered in Cleveland Ohio with offices in greater Chicago and Charlotte, our Rockwell Certified control engineers and control panel construction specialists are ready to assist with your urgent process control needs. We can quickly set up remote access applications to allow for full plant operations monitoring from any location!

Contact Shawn Vickers (440) 429 5958 for more information.

3. Do you have the information you need to operate remotely?
To help you adapt to the new normal, Spiroflow offers the most advanced suite of IIOT remote capabilities for the process control industry. Now more than ever, we need to start thinking about how we need to change our processes to get information to the people who need it. As an industry leader in IIOT remote monitoring for process equipment, Spiroflow is here to help you review your current and future process control design and work with you to design and implement a better more efficient control process.

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