Tubular Drag Conveyors

Spiroflow offers a wide range of tubular drag conveyor construction materials and assemblies to meet the demands of various dry bulk products. Our tried, tested and proven cable and chain drag conveyor designs effectively satisfy all applications. Whether you require food grade hygienic equipment or standard cleaning, Spiroflow tubular drag conveyors' hygienic design and quick clean features ensure continuous cleanability and durability of your system.

Why choose drag conveyors to move your material?

  • Totally enclosed, dust-free, contamination-free handling
  • Discs molded onto hygienic chain
  • Handles hot, cold, dry hygroscopic or temperature sensitive materials
  • Minimizes material residence and build-up
  • Learn more.

Need help deciding whether you need a Cable Drag or Drag Chain Conveyor? Check out this blog post: “Cable Drag vs. Drag Chain Conveyors”