Bulk Solids Handling Course

Modern degree courses in mechanical or chemical engineering often neglect the essential area of handling solid materials in a process environment. Loose bulk solids come in many forms –  powders, granules, pellets and flakes, all requiring different methods of handling to satisfy manufacturing criteria e.g. capacity per hour, space restrictions, mixture integrity, waste reduction, manual handling considerations and ATEX issues, to name a few of the scenarios you may face.

This course will empower you to:

  • Choose the right equipment for the job
  • Improve your process rate and reduce downtime or waste caused by existing handling equipment
  • Understand the bulk materials in your process and how their flow and other physical properties affect the performance of conveyors, mixing or sieving equipment and instrumentation
  • Appreciate the ‘total cost of ownership’ of equipment so your project can operate with a low OPEX not just be installed at a low CAPEX
  • To register your interest please contact Kimberley Tedstone at kimberley.tedstone@spiroflow.com or call the office line +44 (0) 1200 422525.