How do I contain dust in my bulk bag discharging operation?

Bulk Bag Dispenser & Unloader

Spiroflow bulk bag unloaders come complete with a dust containment cabinet where the following optional enhancements can be installed:

Spiroflow bulk bag unloaders utilize our patented spout closure bars.

1. Patented Spout Closure Bars

Spout closure bars have several functions: they prevent dust by allowing untying of the bag without product release; their aperture can be set to control the flow rate from the bag; they can close off the spout if used in a batch weighing operation, and they allow the bag to be re-tied and removed from the discharging frame.

Our hygienic bag spout clamp provides complete dust containment.

2. Hygienic Bag Spout Clamp

Our Hygienic Bag Spout Clamp offers complete dust containment while discharging, preventing material spills.

Our bulk bag unloaders can be fitted with a glove box to protect operators from exposure to hazardous materials.

3. Glove Box

Glove box arrangement for untying bags containing a hazardous product, preventing operator exposure to the product.

Our bulk bag unloader liner remover/tensioner contains dust when removing bulk bags.

4. Liner Remover and Tensioner

Liners can be removed from the bulk bag after unloading and contained without dust emissions with the use of this powered retraction device and compaction facility.