When should I upgrade my control system?

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Should you upgrade your control system? Here are two common business reasons you may be ready for an upgrade now:

  1. Obsolete Control System –  If you are finding it almost impossible to find spare or replacement parts for your control system, and you have not stocked up on parts before the end of life date/date that the manufacturer will stop making parts available, it may be time to upgrade your control system. Upgrading now means removing the risk of a control system part failing and finding yourself without a functioning system until you upgrade.
  2. Workforce Knowledge – If your workforce is not trained or experienced on the older, obsolete control system, it may be time to move to a more current platform. You may be having difficulty finding the support staff with the knowledge needed to troubleshoot, maintain or perform upgrades on the older system. If so, it is a smart time to upgrade now before you encounter a troubleshooting issue that interrupts business processes.

These two business reasons may mean that an upgrade is inevitable. Even if these scenarios do not apply to your control system, it may be wise to consider an upgrade now to minimize future risk and reap the benefits of newer technology to make setup and management of your control systems faster and easier.

Ready to upgrade your control system? Request Pricing Now. We have deep expertise in performing PLC-5 and SLC conversions to ControlLogix and CompactLogix platforms.

Spiroflow Automation provides:

  • Retrofitting of existing panels with new hardware
  • Custom PLC Panel Design
  • Systems integration support
  • Software Development Services