The Spiroflow Automation team understands that the pharmaceutical industry requires specialized knowledge of S88 batching, 21 CFR Part 11, CIP systems, electronic records, electronic batch records, and GAMP®5 systems.

We are confident in our expertise in these areas and have successfully completed many pharmaceutical projects over the years that specifically require these types of batching systems. Our expert control systems engineers will guide and support you throughout the process of developing a project, whether it’s a brand-new plant or a retrofit within an existing facility.

Our process begins by carefully defining your user requirements, and then specifications, functional specifications, and design specifications. Once all of the requirements and specifications are completely defined, we then proceed to build the PLC code, HMI code, and batching code. We also help with the qualifications of the installations, operations, and performance.

We will use your choice of software but often use Wonderware InBatch or RSBatch, along with Wonderware ArchestrA or FTView SE.  We can also build solid systems with the ControlLogix platform.

How We Serve the Pharmaceutical Industry

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