Automatic Pallet Dispenser

Explore automatic pallet stacking and unstacking equipment by Spiroflow. Our pallet stacking and destacking machines are highly configurable to fit the needs of any facility or controls system.

The Automatic Pallet Dispenser incorporates into our semi automatic bag filling systems and allows users to load or dispense pallets from any of three different axes. Our pallet stacking and unstacking equipment is highly configurable to fit the needs of a facility and can integrate into an existing controls system. The Automatic Pallet Dispenser also offers significant savings on labor to provide a short payback period.


  • Flexible layout: pallet can be distributed in any one of 4 directions
  • Can be used as a floor level pallet stacker/de-stacker by adjusting leg configuration
  • Simple and reliable operation using heavy-duty pneumatic actuation. No hydraulics involved. *Requires 0.25 SCFM @ 80 psi compressed air per cycle (1 cycle = up(vertical lift), in and out (pallet engage/disengage) = 1 complete cycle or 1 pallet per minute
  • Easily configurable for explosion rated areas, washdown hygienic applications, etc.
  • Easily adjustable discharge elevation from floor level to 30″ Conveyor height.
  • Specifications and Standard Features

Specifications and Standard Features

  • Heavy duty welded and bolted construction painted with USDA compliant SteelIt polyurethane coating containing 316SS flake.
  • Roller or chain conveyors can be used to load and dispense pallets.
  • Wide range of wood or plastic pallet sizes from 36 to 48″ with minimal changeover time.
  • Can be supplied with a micro-PLC control panel for standalone, manual or automatic operation.
  • Simple installation. Ships as a single, fully assembled unit requiring that only legs are attached during installation.
  • Can be easily integrated into fully automated pallet handling and packaging systems.
PayloadMaximum stack weight of 1,500 lb./680 kg.
Stack HeightsUp to 20 pallets
ThroughputUp to 180 pallets/hr.