T7 Multi-container Bulk Bag Unloader


Our T7 Multi-container bulk bag unloader is a versatile emptying system that allows processors to discharge materials from bulk bags, rigid bins, boxes/octabins or bags.

This bulk bag unloader employs a controllable unloader and a subframe. A bulk bag or rigid container is placed on the subframe which has fork channels to allow loading onto the unloader. The unloader has an integral hopper and flexible spiral conveyor, which feeds the contents from the bag either volumetrically or by weight to process or packaging machinery. The bulk bag unloader also has an interlocked access door where the operator can untie the spout of a bulk bag, or unload small bags of product into the conveyor. This unit is particularly suitable for batching operations requiring ingredients from several sources and methods of supply.


  • Adaptor frame for use with rigid bins
  • Allows for changing raw material delivery methods
  • Bag dump door
  • Full dust control
  • Integral conveyor or feeder
  • Discharge by volume or weight


The T7 Multi-Container Bulk Bag Unloader is designed to accommodate bulk bags, rigid bins & rigid bulk containers such as TOTE® type IBCs (intermediate bulk containers). 

The T7 bulk bag unloader design is based on your bulk bag, your rigid IBC dimensions & your application requirements.  If required, the T7 system can even handle liquids stored in the rigid containers. Like the T5 Low Headroom Unloader, bulk bags are loaded onto the Support Dish Assembly at ground level & then lifted onto the support frame with a forklift. Rigid containers are simply lifted onto the support frame & solids flow control is regulated by a manual valve. The upper frame includes the bulk bag support dish, while the lower frame is designed with large channels for receiving the upper frame. The design includes a dust seal between the upper & lower sections.

Process Steps

  1. A rigid container (tote) is placed in the subframe.
  2. The operator opens a valve below the rigid bin to initial product flow.


The T7 Multi-container bulk bag unloader is one of several designs we offer.  Features of our various models are typically mixed and matched to accommodate specific application needs.  And, of course, we regularly build custom designs.  Here is a list of our basic models.  Your Spiroflow Sales Engineer will evaluate your needs and recommend the best configuration to do the job.

T1Entry level basic frame design available in the UK & Europe
T2For unloading by volume
T3For loss-in-weight unloading
T4For unloading single trip bags
T5For discharging in low headroom areas
T6Includes an integral hoist when a forklift truck is not available to load/unload bags into/out of the bulk bag unloader
T7For unloading multiple types of containers including bulk bags, rigid bins & boxes/octabins
T8For USDA/3A applications
T9-CVFor total containment when handling volatile or explosive materials
T10 & T11For pharmaceutical applications
Flo StyleFlo Style unloaders, from our purchase of Control & Metering, have a 40º or 60º sloped hopper that supports & shapes the bag for ease of discharge. Pulse vibration, instead of massage paddles, is used to induce material flow. The bag is kept elongated via gravity throughout discharge. It can be configured as a T2, T3, T4 or T6.

Check out our Bulk Bag Unloader Comparison Chart 

This document compares our bulk bag unloader offerings based on design options.  Of course, our engineers will assess your application needs & recommend the optimal design.


Before purchasing a bulk bag unloader always ask these key questions:

  • Will the bulk bag unloader accept varying bag sizes?
  • Will the bulk bag unloader handle poor flowing products?
  • Is there a forklift available or is an integral hoist needed?
  • Does the bulk bag unloader provide a controlled flow when the spout is opened?
  • Does the bulk bag unloader have a bag tensioning device to ensure all product is discharged?
  • Is discharge of the bag contents required by weight or by volume?
  • Is there provision for restraining and/or removing the inner liner?
  • Is an integral take-off conveyor required?
  • Is there a height restriction?
  • Is there a way to empty small bags in case the bulk bag supply of material is interrupted?
  • Does your plant require a hygienic bulk bag unloader or USDA/FDA approved equipment?
  • What dust control features are incorporated into the bulk bag unloader?
    • When untying the bag spout
    • While the product is being discharged
    • When the inner liner is being removed
    • When the bag is removed and folded for disposal
  • Is the product or environment hazardous?
  • Is static grounding and monitoring required?
  • Is the environment covered by NEC regulations?


Spiroflow T7 Multi-container Unloader Components


Check out our Bulk Bag Unloader Comparison Chart 

This document compares our bulk bag unloader offerings based on design options.  Of course, our engineers will assess your application needs & recommend the optimal design.