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SAVE with SAM – Awareness

Eliminate costly emergency service and reduce unnecessary unplanned preventative maintenance by moving to just-in-time maintenance.

SAM gives you the ability to collect and analyse the data from your machines and develop a program for predictive maintenance. Previously, when a system failed it could result in costly unplanned downtime and routine inspections resulted in the change of spare parts. Now, using SAM, sensors are continually reporting data back to the right people and will notify them before critical failure.

When equipment fails, data taken from various sensors can be collated in real-time. Key performance indicators such as mean time to repair and mean time to failure are automatically calculated by SAM and displayed on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or smartwatch. Actions can, therefore, be taken quickly to prevent any unplanned downtime.

An example of this could be in sensor indicating temperature, if the temperature is increasing then an alert can be sent to the correct member of staff who can take action to prevent any potential issues rather than waiting for the failure to occur. Previously this could have caused a critical fault in the middle of production which could have resulted in many unforeseen costs.

With SAM, maintenance is no longer reactive but proactive and is informed by real-time data, not historical information. Manufacturers working towards zero unplanned downtime can benefit from intelligent insights that will improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Improving Awareness Example

  • Eliminate unplanned downtime by moving to preventative, planned maintenance.
  • Pressure sensors on the DART (Dynamic Automatic Rope Tensioner) feedback the tension on the rope and discs to SAM
  • This will allow for the rope and disk to always be at the optimal tension which will increase the lifespan of the rope and disc
  • It will also predict future maintenance based on the life span of historical trends from ropes and discs which will let maintenance managers swap out the ropes before critical failure
  • This will reduce unplanned downtime with the AMC as the process is switched to preventative, planned maintenance

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