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SAVE with SAM – Efficiency

Reduce disruption to operations and costly workarounds by monitoring efficiency and repairing assets before they fail.

IoT has enabled manufacturers to experience a 28.5% average revenue increase according to TATA Consultancy services[1] This has been possible through the power of data and analytics in the right hands at the right time. Manufacturing equipment can be fitted with sensors which will collect data from the machines, SAM will report this data back in real-time and in an easily accessible format.

With SAM you will get faster and better-informed decision making by unlocking critical data about equipment performance and putting the facts into the right hands at the exact moment of relevance.

A key area in which SAM will help improve efficiency is reporting on quality control issues. Improving product quality is always at the forefront for many manufacturers as it leads to potential benefits like increased customer satisfaction, higher sales, increase in selling price, reduced manufacturing costs and waste reduction. Whereas a poor quality product has the power to damage your brand with costly product recalls and a loss in consumer trust could lead to serious financial consequences. With this in mind pinpointing the issues that can cause a poor quality product is essential, especially if the problem is caused by faulty equipment. If your equipment is not calibrated properly, not properly maintained or not set up correctly this can lead to issues with the product that could be avoided. SAM will use the sensors to track and analyse the information and report back to the key employees in real-time who could stop production immediately to resolve the issues. SAM has the ability to eliminate simple mistakes with quality control, make the process more efficient and avoid the loss of profits.

Another major improvement can be made in the reduction of downtime with planned, predicted maintenance. All manufacturers are aware that at the very core of making high profits is an accurate, high quality and reliable production. If a machine stops working in the middle of a shift and there are no critical spare parts on site this can result in long delays which come at a cost. SAM can help avoid these scenarios by reporting the data back to key individuals who could take decisive action before critical failure. This will overall improve the efficiency of production as maintenance can be planned in advance and scheduled to specific times.

Energy efficiency is another key area in which SAM can benefit a business. If you have equipment that is underperforming, SAM can pinpoint this inefficiency and send the relevant data to the employees who can boost performance. This data could be used as a benchmark against other pieces of equipment to determine which are performing better while also allowing for proactively solving issues with underperformance. By getting equipment running at its optimal settings, SAM ensures that it is efficiently using the energy.

SAM is your key to a more efficient process. By accessing existing data and presenting it to the right people at the right time, processes can see efficiencies improve with quality control, reduced downtime and energy efficiencies.

Efficiency Example:

SAM will collect data from the sensors in place and report back to the dashboard which will display the data on a set of graphs

  • The motor inverter (2) will monitor the amps and RPM.
  • The graphs display that abnormalities in the amps on the motors are occurring outside of the normal process
  • Because of this spike, an alert is sent to the maintenance manager who identifies that the product is being flood fed into the drag conveyor by an employee which is straining the rope and disc
  • The problem is solved without any unplanned downtime and the whole process is made more efficient.

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[1] TATA: The Internet of Things: TCS Global Trend Study 2015- A Manufacturing Industry Perspective

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