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SAVE with SAM – Visibility

Spiroflow Active Monitoring Visibility

Grain critical visibility at multiple levels of operation utilizing a wide range of sensory inputs.

By connecting SAM to the PLC, Sam will actively monitor your equipment with feedback from a variety of sensors to give real-time data with situational awareness. SAM will give you up to date information on asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, equipment optimization, possible health and safety breaches, energy management, as well as customized preset trigger events specific to your industry.

By selecting the problems, you want to solve, SAM can track and report the data you need the most when you need it most. Immediate action can be taken with SAM reports being sent to a dashboard which can be accessed on your PC or laptop, mobile devices and tablets, and even wearable smart devices such as watches. Often in manufacturing, if action is not taken at the right time it can result in a loss of profits.

  • Gain critical visibility at multiple levels of the operation utilizing a wide range of sensory inputs
  • With increasing the number of sensors on a system allows the customer to modularize their process and pinpoint bottlenecks
  • This allows them to streamline their process and increase throughput
  • With a customer having more sensors it allows them to have greater detail allowing them to diagnose an issue quicker and more accurately

SAM connects equipment and sensors to the cloud which allows for the data to be aggregated and reported back in easy to understand formats that are tailored to each individual process. SAM’s primary function is to help bring a focus to the data rather than collecting a bulk of random information which could overload the operators and plant managers. Key members of the team will have access to information such as equipment performance or predictive maintenance and allow them to make better, more informed decisions.

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