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Conveying Chocolate, Cocoa Powder & Cocoa Beans

Conveying chocolate an cocoa beans

Challenges in Conveying Chocolate Chocolate is a delicate and often expensive product and must be conveyed gently to preserve the integrity of the product especially if the conveyor is to be used at the end of the process before packaging. Degradation can also occur at the beginning of the process as the cocoa beans are […]

Video: Hygienic Cleaning with the Flexible Screw Conveyor

Spiroflow flexible screw conveyor motor

 Spiroflow’s Hygienic Flexible Screw Conveyor (FSC) inherently ensures material is constantly being remixed while the sanitary design protects against contamination issues.   Spiroflow’s housing design eliminates material trap zones and the hygienic standoff prevents contamination of the product by separating the drive system from the material in the event of a leakage. Discover how this application is an ideal solution for hygienic conveying […]

Why We Recommend Having a Replacement Parts Strategy

An engineer checking equipment

Have you ever considered the true cost of a halted production line? At Spiroflow, we’ve seen firsthand the ripple effect machine downtime can have on the productivity and profitability of businesses. That’s why we’re not just talking about a contingency plan – we’re talking about an advantageous replacement parts strategy, ultimately saving you both time […]

The Right Solution for Solutech

Two glasses of juice

Solutech Ltd of Winsford, Cheshire are well pleased with the performance of their ‘Spiroflow’ mobile Bulk Bag Discharger with its integral Flexible Screw Conveyor. Founded only 11 years ago by two entrepreneurs, Solutech is a small company offering a big service. They claim to be the UK’s only independent specialist food grade liquid blending contractor, currently despatching around 12,000 tonnes of blended liquids a year. Their customers, at home and abroad, include some of the best known, blue chip names in the food and beverage industry. They also provide liquid blends to some big name pharmaceutical companies too. Needless to say, they have fought hard to carve their niche in the market.