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Principles of FIBC Bulk Bag Filling: Design & Handling


In the world of modern logistics and material handling, you need to know all about the principles of FIBC bulk bag filling for design and handling. Let’s equip you with the knowledge needed to harness their full potential, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your operations. The principles of FIBC bulk bag filling […]

High Speed Bulk Bag Filling – Pre-weighing

Bulk Bags

Maximum bulk bagging rates are achieved by using a pre-weigh system. Pre-weighing refers to weighing the payload of product to be placed in a bulk bag in a separate bin or hopper above the bulk bag filling machine instead of weighing the product as it enters the bag. Pre-weighing eliminates the time required to precisely weigh […]

Bulk Bag Conditioners – Video

Bulk Bag Conditioner Position 3

A Bulk Bag Conditioner quickly and easily conditions even the most difficult products. Simply by moving the bulk bag full of product between the horizontal poles with and then activating the hydraulic drive mechanism, the poles will begin to squeeze the bag. The poles will move up and down as the bag rotates on the […]

CTE Bulk Bag Filler = 2x wow

CTE Bulk Bag Filler

CTE Bulk Bag Filler Our Cone Table Elite (CTE) Bulk Bag Filler is one of the most versatile and capable bulk bag fillers in the industry.  Unlike other fillers, the CTE bulk bag filler features the company’s patented cone table densification system which densifies material in the bag, increases bag stability, and bulk bag filling […]

How much product are you giving away for free in you bulk bags?

Bulk Bags

Do you sell your product in bulk bags by a standard weight? Do you know how much product you are giving away for free? Do you sell your product in bulk bags? If you sell your dry bulk solid product in bulk bags according to a standard weight per bag, you are probably overfilling each bag […]

Bulk Bag Conditioners are Vital Addition to Bulk Bag Discharging Process

Bulk bags (or FIBCs) have increased in popularity significantly over the past few decades due to the reduction in packaging and transportation costs. However as more companies move and store materials in bulk bags, some struggle to discharge agglomerated or hardened solid material. In particular where bulk bags contain material such as hygroscopic chemicals, certain […]

The Importance of Accurate Weighing When Filling Bulk Bags

Bulk bag filler gain-in-weight control panel

In any business, it is important to maximize efficiency to ensure sustainable growth and continuity. Accurate weighing is one area that can often be improved. So, what’s the importance of accurate weighing when filling bulk bags? A slight overfill in one day may not be considered significant. However, if this overfill consistently occurs over a […]

Nothing fishy about this discharger!

The operatives at fish food manufacturer Skretting of Longridge, Lancashire, UK think that their ‘Spiroflow’ Bulk Bag Discharger is “wicked” – which, roughly translated, means that they are delighted with the way it performs! It used to take them 25 to 30 minutes to discharge each of the 11 ingredients used in the production of fish feed for industrial fish farming. Now one tonne bulk bags (FIBC’s) are discharged in around 5 minutes.