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Densifying bulk bag filler counts weeks not months for ROI

densifying bulk bag filler

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, so does demand for powdered food products and ingredients. The effect of this increased pressure on food manufacturers has resulted in a spike in orders for materials handling equipment, such as Spiroflow’s industry-leading Cone Table Elite (CTE) – a high speed densifying bulk bag filler solution that delivers the best […]

High Speed Bulk Bag Filling – Pre-weighing

Bulk Bags

Maximum bulk bagging rates are achieved by using a pre-weigh system. Pre-weighing refers to weighing the payload of product to be placed in a bulk bag in a separate bin or hopper above the bulk bag filling machine instead of weighing the product as it enters the bag. Pre-weighing eliminates the time required to precisely weigh […]

3 Ways To Reduce Dusting When Discharging Bulk Bags

Unfortunately, Dusting is a Common Problem. While bulk bags can be the most economical package for shipping semi-bulk quantities of dry bulk solids, they often get a bad rap from end-users because the process of unloading them can be dusty. Excessive dusting during discharge obviously causes a mess requiring additional clean-up labor.  However, it can […]

CTE Bulk Bag Filler = 2x wow

CTE Bulk Bag Filler

CTE Bulk Bag Filler Our Cone Table Elite (CTE) Bulk Bag Filler is one of the most versatile and capable bulk bag fillers in the industry.  Unlike other fillers, the CTE bulk bag filler features the company’s patented cone table densification system which densifies material in the bag, increases bag stability, and bulk bag filling […]