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3 Ways To Reduce Dusting When Discharging Bulk Bags

Unfortunately, Dusting is a Common Problem. While bulk bags can be the most economical package for shipping semi-bulk quantities of dry bulk solids, they often get a bad rap from end-users because the process of unloading them can be dusty. Excessive dusting during discharge obviously causes a mess requiring additional clean-up labor.  However, it can […]

Effective Dust Containment for Bulk Bagging – Improving Health and Safety in the Workplace

White dust particles on a black background

In this blog series, we are discussing the common product challenges many of our clients face. Today’s blog topic is dedicated to the issue of dusting and dust containment.

Many of our customers have some kind of issue with dust when conveying their product and this can lead to a number of very serious issues, from fire and explosive hazards to unexpected downtime and cleanability problems. Containing the dust can lead to increased efficiency in manual handling and help the bottom line as you will lose less of your product into the air. With all of this in mind, we offer dust collection as an optional extra on all relevant equipment.

What are the Causes of Bulk Bag Dusting?

Companies around the world transport and handle large volumes of materials in bulk bags but unloading bulk bags can be a dusty mess if not managed properly. Let’s examine what causes dust emissions.

Designing Bulk Bag Unloaders for Maximum Dust Control

Controlling dusting and product spillage, while safely unloading bulk bags, is an industry-wide challenge.  Many times standard, off-the-shelf bulk bag unloaders are utilized in a new process without a thorough understanding of the nature of the product.  This often results in the need for an often expensive retrofit assembly after installation and unnecessary commissioning delays. […]