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3 Ways to Reduce Dusting When Discharging Bulk Bags

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Looking for effective ways to reduce dusting when discharging bulk bags? You’re in the right place. Dusting can be a significant issue in bulk material handling, leading to increased cleanup efforts, reduced product yield, and higher operational costs. This article explores practical strategies and solutions, including advanced conveyor belt systems and bulk bag designs, to […]

Effective Dust Containment for Bulk Bagging – Improving Health and Safety in the Workplace

White dust particles on a black background

In this blog series, we are discussing the common product challenges many of our clients face. Today’s blog topic is dedicated to the issue of dusting and dust containment.

Many of our customers have some kind of issue with dust when conveying their product and this can lead to a number of very serious issues, from fire and explosive hazards to unexpected downtime and cleanability problems. Containing the dust can lead to increased efficiency in manual handling and help the bottom line as you will lose less of your product into the air. With all of this in mind, we offer dust collection as an optional extra on all relevant equipment.

Solving Bulk Bag Unloader Dusting Problems

A worker wearing a mask surrounded by dust

The most common problem with unloading bulk bags is dusting. Frequently, bulk bag unloader operations are a dusty mess. At best, this results in a housekeeping problem. Product loss and quality control issues can arise and the worst case is a safety issue when dealing with ingredients that pose a health or explosion risk.