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Nuevos silos flexibles 'Spirostore'

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El new ‘Spirostore’ Flexible Silos offer an economical and effective way to expand storage capabilities. They provide tailor-made conveyor solutions for the quick, efficient, and safe storing of bulk solids and ingredients for most industries. Discover how this revolutionary product is setting new standards in the storage and handling of bulk solids and ingredients.

Unmatched Flexibility and Durability with New ‘Spirostore’ Flexible Silos

Unlike steel or aluminum silos, our new ‘Spirostore’ Flexible Silos are made of a robust, durable, and yet flexible polyester fabric supported on a steel frame. They can store up to 7,000 ft3 de dry bulk material of up to 90,000 lbs in weight.

These silos are manufactured like custom-made suits regarding shape, size, and the type of polyester fabric selected. They are adapted to meet each customer’s specific requirements in terms of available space, product specifications, and how the product is to be discharged.

Explore Versatile Applications and Compatibility of ‘Spirostore’ Flexible Silos

We believe that no other bulk solids storage system can match the flexibility of our flexible silos. These silos are suitable for almost any indoor or other weatherproof location and can be connected to other ‘Spiroflow’ industrial conveyor systems to fill and/or empty the stored material. This includes Flexible Screw Conveyor, Aeromecánica, Pneumatic, and Vacuum Conveyor systems.

The Ideal Uses of This Innovative Construction 

‘Spirostore’ Flexible Silos are ideal for use in the plastics, waste recycling, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry as well as sectors of the food, animal feed, and confectionery industries. The materials that can be stored are equally varied and range from trouble-free peas and polystyrene balls to interlocking materials such as baking flour, color pigments, and clumping materials such as tea leaves, fiberglass, and shredded wool.

“Our ‘Spirostore’ Flexible Silos allow customers to quickly and economically expand their storage capability for bulk solid materials in a way no other silo can,” confirms Michael Podevyn, our President and CEO. “That’s one of the main reasons why this type of silo is generating so much interest. They are cost-effective when compared to a steel silo with similar capacity. Also, they are lightweight and are very easy and fast to install, and are delivered ‘flat-pack,’ making it possible to deliver them to their destination through regular doorways”.

Box Dumper and two Bulk Bag Unloaders deliver flake material into mixing silos

The Customization Will Ease the Whole Manufacturing Process 

Customizing a ‘Spirostore’ Flexible Silo involves determining how much space is available to assemble the system. It also involves selecting the type of polyester fabric that meets the product requirements and selecting from a multitude of possible variations in the outlet area for the safe and efficient discharge of the contents.

Space-Efficient Design and Easy Installation

‘Spirostore’ Flexible Silos optimize the use of space due to their square or rectangular shape – versus the cylindrical shape common for many other types of the silo. This allows easy placement of silos in tight-fit areas and also allows assembly in locations normally deemed inaccessible. The silo also precisely adapts to the headroom available. The lightweight design of the silos means that no complex foundations are required to support them.

Discharge Features for Peak Efficiency

The main component of ‘Spirostore’ Flexible Silos is the high-strength, durable polyester fabric ‘vessel’ supported by a steel frame. A variety of fabric options are available to meet product requirements. These include a breathable fabric that prevents condensation, air-tight, coated, and uncoated fabrics, fabrics for use in food applications, electrically conducting fabrics for safe discharge of electrostatic charges, plus numerous others.

Also available are a multitude of variations for the outlet area, including outlet diameter, cone angle, and a choice of discharge aids. These are precisely adapted to fit the requirements of the stored material. The flexibility of the polyester walls provides excellent discharge characteristics in that they assure almost total discharge of the material and provide optimum flow-out characteristics.

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Innovative Discharge Aids for Optimal Material Flow

Discharge aids guarantee the safe discharge of contents, are gentle to the stored material, are easily cleaned and maintained, and use minimum power. Four different types of discharge aids are available: 

  • SpiroSlip – ensures that outlet walls have the highest degree of smoothness,
  • SpiroAir – re-introduces air into the bulk goods, thus enhancing flow,
  • SpiroFlex – flexes the cone section,
  • SuperSpiroFlex – its large hoses constantly change the form and outlet angle of the silo cone.

Robust Construction and Economic Efficiency

‘Spirostore’ Flexible Silos have high rigidity and load-carrying capabilities with a 7:1 safety factor for seams and fabric. Their robust and durable construction ensures long life, safe operation, and low operating and maintenance costs of the overall conveyor technologies.

Transform Your Storage Strategy With ‘Spirostore’ Flexible Silos 

The ‘Spirostore’ Flexible Silos stand out as a revolutionary solution in the realm of bulk material storage, offering unmatched flexibility, durability, and efficiency. Embrace the future of storage with this innovative construction and discover how it can transform your operations. Ready to elevate your storage capabilities with one of the top-notch conveyor manufacturers? Contacto Spiroflujo today to find the perfect ‘Spirostore’ Flexible Silo solution for your needs.