Combien coûte un remplisseur de Big Bag ?

The bulk bag fillers in the "rise" position

At Spiroflow, we field numerous daily inquiries from customers seeking the ideal bulk bag filler for their specific needs. A common query that runs through their minds is, “How much does a bulk bag filler cost?” To shed light on this question, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide that delves into the various factors influencing the price and provides insight into the available options.

Combien coûte un remplisseur de Big Bags ?

When it comes to setting the price of a bulk bag filler, there are many factors that can impact the final price. However, you can expect a basic bulk bag filler to cost in the range of $10,000 (£7,000). The most sophisticated bulk bag fillers can cost as much as $120,000 (£92,500). These high-end bulk bag fillers deliver high-volume, high-speed bulk bag filling at 30-35 bags/hour! Spiroflow can provide a free quote.

Decoding Bulk Bag Filler Costs – Unraveling the Price Puzzle

Having provided bulk bag fillers to customers around the world for over 45 years, we understand how frustrating it can be to get an answer to the cost question. To be fair, finding such an answer online can be very difficult. This is primarily because there are so many factors that can influence the final price of a bulk bag filler.

Understanding all of your requirements is vital in order to provide the safest and most efficient bulk bag-filling system possible. To help you figure out what you might be expected to pay for a bulk bag filler, we’re going to go over a variety of questions.

A bulk bag filler

What Should You Expect From the Right Bulk Bag Filling System?

When it comes to investing in a bulk bag-filling system, knowing what to expect from the right solution is essential. A well-designed and efficient bulk bag-filling system should deliver a multitude of benefits, ensuring safety, precision, and flexibility in your material handling processes.

This being said, here are the key features and considerations to have in mind when choosing the ideal bulk bag-filling system, ensuring it meets and even exceeds your expectations: 

  • A safe, robust, and ergonomic design,
  • Dust-free bulk bag filling and total containment of your material,
  • Accurate weighing (if filling by weight),
  • Meet or exceed your required filling rates,
  • Material densification if your material is easily aerated,
  • Design modifications to meet your layout restrictions,
  • Flexibility to fill various-sized bulk bags, boxes/octabins, rigid bins/totes,
  • Semi-automatic systems and controls for optimal automation.

There are several bulk bag filler designs to choose from, plus a variety of options – which will affect the price. They are built to fit your unique requirements. Whether it is a combination of our existing filler designs and options or a custom design, we need to understand your requirements in detail. And by the way, know that a custom doesn’t necessarily translate to expensive.

A variety of bulk bag sizes

What Are Your Bulk Bag Handling Requirements?

Bulk bag fillers are designed for you. Ensure you answer the following questions and help us narrow down the right filling options for your process:

  • Est-ce que vous remplissez en volume ou en poids ?
  • Comment allez-vous retirer les big-bags remplis ?
  • Will you handle the bulk bag on a pallet, by their loops, or utilize a flexible screw conveyor or other solutions? If you are removing the filled bags by a pallet, will you use a forklift or pallet truck?
  • Quels styles et tailles de sacs utilisez-vous ? Avez-vous différentes hauteurs de sacs ? Si tel est le cas, vous aurez besoin d’un remplisseur de big bag doté d’un réglage automatique de la hauteur.
  • Would you like to automate your bulk bag-filling process?
  • Will you be filling anything other than a bulk bag? Boxes, drums, or rigid bins? If so, you will want a box, drum, and rigid bin-filling attachment.
  • Avez-vous besoin d'empiler les Big Bags remplis ? L’empilage de Big Bags permet d’économiser sur les coûts d’entreposage.
  • Vos Big Bags sont-ils dotés de doublures ?

What Are the Characteristics of Your Material?

As one of the top-notch belt conveyor manufacturers, it’s important that we completely understand all the materials you handle. It’ll help determine the bulk bag-filling options needed for your application. Here are some of the questions you should answer to ease the whole process:

  • Avec quels matériaux remplissez-vous les sacs ?
  • Quelle est la densité apparente de chaque matériau ?
  • Quelle est la forme de votre matériau : granulaire, granulé, poudre, flocons, fibres ou autre ?
  • Quelle est la granulométrie de votre matériau ?
  • Quelle est la température de votre matériau ?
  • Is your material very free-flowing, free-flowing, semi-free-flowing, or non-free-flowing?
  • Votre matériau fait-il un pont ou un trou à rat ?
  • What are the characteristics of your material? Is it cohesive, abrasive, friable, dusty, hazardous, toxic, corrosive, flammable, or explosive? Does it pack, or does it aerate? Is it hygroscopic?
  • What is the liquid content of your material? How much water, fat, or oil is in your material?
  • Is your product highly aerated? 
T5 Bulk Bag

What Are Your Bulk Bag Handling Needs and Limitations?

Once we know what kind of bulk bag filler you need, we need to know more about where the filler will go. Learning more about what belt conveyor system you use, your layout, and more about your process will help us fine-tune your machine. Let’s go over the following questions:

  • What are the dimensions – the length, height, width, spout length, and spout width?
  • What is the filling source – a conveyor belt system, a hopper, or something else?
  • Est-ce que vous remplissez au poids ou au volume ?
  • Quel est le poids du big bag rempli ?
  • Combien de temps faut-il pour remplir un big bag ?
  • Combien de sacs/heure faut-il remplir ?
  • En cas de pesée, quelle précision de pesée est requise ?
  • Un contrôle des vannes est-il nécessaire ?
  • Y a-t-il des limites de marge ?
  • Will filled bulk bags be removed by an integral roller conveyor, forklift, or pallet truck?
  • Do you need the bulk bag filler to be mobile?

What Are Your Equipment Specifications?

We understand that equipment specifications are different for everyone. These questions will help manufacturers design your perfect filler:

  • Quelle spécification de finition est requise pour le cadre de support et les surfaces sans contact ?
  • Quelle spécification de finition est requise pour les surfaces de contact avec les matériaux ?
  • What are your electrical requirements? Standard NEMA 4 (ATEX) or explosion-proof?
  • De quelle classe de moteur avez-vous besoin (Classe/Div/Groupe) ?
  • Quelle puissance est disponible sur place (Volt/Phase/Hz) ?

What Are Your Bulk Bag Filling Requirements?

These questions about your bulk bag filling requirements are not only essential for addressing your needs but also serve as vital inputs for our engineers to déterminer le système le plus adapté, whether it involves conveyor belt systems or tubular industrial conveyor systems.

  • How many bags/hour do you want to fill?
  • Do you have low or high-volume filling requirements?
  • Do you want your bulk bag filler system automated with controls?
  • Quel équipement en amont livrera le matériau au remplisseur de Big Bags ?
  • Quel type de valve de remplissage est nécessaire ?
  • Utilisation légère ou intensive ?
  • Avez-vous besoin d'une plateforme d'accès ?
  • Avez-vous besoin d’un système semi-automatique complet ?

What Options Are of Interest?

Conveyor systems manufacturers offer options or add-ons that could help your process move more effectively. Take a look at this list. Feel free to ask about any of the items listed.

  • Seismic zone four load cells,
  • Vibration,
  • Deaeration,
  • Access platform,
  • Weigh batch controller,
  • Weight display,
  • Fill control valve,
  • Pneumatic bag neck seal,
  • Bag liner inflation,
  • Motorized or gravity roller conveyor technologies,
  • Take away roller conveyor belt solutions,
  • Automatic or manual bag loop release,
  • Sampling port,
  • Drum/Box/Tote filler attachment,
  • Gain-in-weight load cells,
  • Fill the nozzle with a dust extraction vent,
  • Base mobile.

Spiroflow Will Lead Your Path to Seamless Material Handling Solutions

Whether you’re exploring the world of conveyor manufacturers or seeking reliable conveyor belts, Spiroflow has you covered. Our extensive experience in solving bulk bag-filling challenges has earned us a global reputation for excellence. If you require advice or wish to discuss a project, we’re here to help you find the perfect solution. Contactez-nous aujourd'hui and let Spiroflow be your trusted partner in material handling innovation. 

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