About Spiroflow Automation

The convergence Spiroflow’s 45 years of equipment control expertise combined with Food Control Solutions’ 17 years of control system integration experience culminated in the creation of a separate business unit designed to serve the control systems integration needs of manufacturers in multiple industries.  Spiroflow Automation provides automation services to manufacturers in the food, bulk material handling & packaging, themed entertainment, paint & finishing systems, OEM equipment manufacturing, paper, film & foil, pharmaceuticals, foundries, automotive, and plant utilities industries.

Company Catalogue: This is Spiroflow

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The acquisition of Food Control Solutions, Inc., and their DBAs Impel Automation and Reflex Systems, investment brought significant control systems integration expertise in-house in the food and finishing industries.

Food Control Solutions had been a major integrator since 2000.  The company was founded with a singular purpose – to provide automated control solutions to the food and dairy industries.  Now part of the Spiroflow Automation team our control systems engineers have an average of 16 years’ experience in the food & dairy industries.

Spiroflow Automation Solutions differentiates itself with its expert staff, market segment knowledge, technology expertise, control system expertise, and a broad range of services and scope of supply capabilities. Our experts work directly with you in the design and implementation of efficient solutions for your process.

We offer our customers technically advanced, customized solutions, backed by years of industry experience. We have extensive knowledge of manufacturing procedures that enable us to develop plans of action that are compliant with current guidelines and regulations. We identify problems within your manufacturing scenario and solve them with innovative design and

leading-edge engineering, along with outstanding technical service. Our understanding of industry allows us to develop long-lasting solutions that meet the specialized needs of a wide variety of manufacturers.

Spiroflow Automation specializes in control system integration, specifically several different areas of industrial control, including PLC and motion control, press control and process automation. From stand-alone machine control to full multi-controller networks, Spiroflow Automation excels in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Spiroflow Automation Solutions is a full-service industrial control, networking, and automation provider. Our people and technology help make your manufacturing process work smarter and more efficiently. We provide our clients with highly efficient and cost-effective automation solutions. Talk with us about how we can make your industrial application become safer and more efficient.

Our strategic alliances with major hardware and software suppliers, combined with our commitment to continuing education enables us to provide leading edge solutions.

Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrator

Spiroflow Automation is one of an elite group of approximately 250 companies in the United States to be recognized as a Rockwell Automation Recognized System IntegratorThe vetting process includes meeting stringent standards for financial stability, maintaining insurance, as well as proper training of engineers on all Rockwell Automation products.

Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrator

Wonderware Recognized System Integrator Partner

We are proud to be a Wonderware Recognized System Integrator Partner. Our customers can trust us to have the understanding, knowledge, training, and experience to upgrade, expand or convert their Wonderware systems or install a new Wonderware system.

Wonderware Registered System Integrator Partner

Spiroflow Automation a Top 100 Systems Integrator Giant

As a result of our tenacious quest for excellence, Spiroflow Automation was selected as one of the top 100 global integrators for  Control Engineering magazine. This is Spiroflow Automation’s first appearance on the list and a notable achievement!  Combined with our Rockwell Recognized System Integrator status and our broad knowledge of the industry we are well positioned to meet your automation needs.

We are thrilled to make our entry onto this respected list and look forward to rising in the ranking in the coming years. We have exceptionally talented teams working in multiple offices to serve our customers’ needs.

Spiroflow Automation Ranked Among Top 100 Industry Giants

Our History

Our leaders have been in the industry since 1978, with decades of experience across several industries. Those industries include themed entertainment, food, paint and finishing, OEM equipment manufacturing, and more. To service our customers effectively we have offices in Charlotte NC, Cleveland OH, Chicago IL, and Greer SC.

1970:  Spiroflow entered the control systems industry in the 1970s by building control panels for their bulk material handling equipment at their manufacturing facility in Clitheroe, Lancashire in the UK.

1990:  Spiroflow expands with the opening of their North American headquarters in Monroe, NC in the USA.

1997:  Spiroflow acquires Orthos to add aero mechanical conveyors to their dry bulk material handling product line.

2010:  Spiroflow acquires Dynamet to add structural tubular drag chain conveyors to their dry bulk material handling product line.

2013:  Spiroflow acquires the assets of Control & Metering to expand their dry bulk material handling product line with the high-volume, densifying CTE Bulk Bag Filler, alternative bulk bag discharging designs & more.

2014:  In 2014, they recognized the need for a more comprehensive system integrator firm and Spiroflow Automation Solutions, Inc. (SASI) was born to serve the control systems integration needs of manufacturers in multiple industries.

2015:  Spiroflow Holdings, Inc. is created.

2015:  The Spiroflow Automation team accelerated their growth and expanded their industry expertise in 2015 with the acquisition of Food Control Solutions, a well-respected Cleveland based systems integrator in business since 2000. Food Control Solutions had extensive expertise in the food and dairy industries and had developed two brand names, Impel Automation and Reflex Systems, focused on additional industries including paint and finishing. Food Control Solutions had offices in Cleveland, OH, Chicago, IL, Cedar City, UT and Charlotte, NC.

2016:  Spiroflow Automation is named to Control Engineering’s Global Top 100 Systems Integrators list.

Our Philosophy

For us, control systems integration is all about sensing and reacting.  No matter the industry or application, we design and build complete, integrated systems.

At Spiroflow Automation, we believe in value engineering. We ensure our customers get the most out of the control systems services we provide often exceeding expectations.

Once we understand your needs (cost, dependability, or process capability) we can, of course, bid on your project exactly as specified but we can often make cost-saving recommendations that fall outside a bid spec based on our value engineering processes and industry expertise.


Control Systems =
Sensing + Reacting

Why Choose Spiroflow Automation


Our team of veteran control system integration experts has been involved in hundreds of extremely complex integration projects through the years.  Our group of engineers has countless years of experience in automation as it applies to a wide variety of manufacturing processes.


Our work is always customer driven. We provide excellent value and are proud to have many satisfied customers. The Spiroflow Automation team makes sure each customer feels completely confident in our ability to execute a project before we start.


We have a strong commitment to our people and their ongoing education ensuring they are up-to-date on the newest products used in the automation world.


Spiroflow Automation currently has four offices in Charlotte, NC, Cleveland, OH, Chicago, IL, Greer, SC and Orlando, FL with plans to open additional regional offices. Our regional approach allows us to quickly respond to customer needs.


We are familiar with and ready to work in a wide variety of plant environments. For example, food processing and pharmaceutical plants have very rigid environments regarding how you dress and gown. Other environments, such as those in the themed entertainment industry, require hard hats, safety colored shirts or vests, and electrical hazard rated safety shoes.  Of course, we carry a full complement of Errors and Omissions Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, Workman’s Compensation required to work in your plant.


All and all we have a firm commitment to our customers to bring projects to a complete conclusion and ensure the customer’s success.

Why Spiroflow Automation?

PLCs Across Several Industries

Spiroflow Automation has expertise in many different industries. We have experience working with customers throughout the themed entertainment, food (prepared, frozen, candy, confections & dairy), paint/finishing, bulk material handling, packaging, OEM equipment manufacturing, paper/film/foil, chemical, petrochemical, wood products, pharmaceutical, foundry, and plant utility industries.

We take what we’ve learned from one industry and apply it to another. That breadth of experience helps us execute projects for new customers. We firmly believe this makes us more versatile than other automation providers focused on a single industry.

We’ve performed spark detection and monitoring for wood products manufacturers and provided designs and safety systems for the themed industry. Spiroflow Automation performs 3rd party reviews in the themed entertainment industry, upgrades, and improvements for frozen food packaging and conveyance systems as well as ammonia detection for safety monitoring of refrigeration and freezer systems in the food and dairy industries.